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Around your home, wolf spiders can be helpful critters. For one thing, they don't create webs. So you're not going to walk through a web and get it all over your face because you made the mistake of walking around in your own backyard where spiders have no right to create their webs in the first place. Wolf spiders are hunters. They don't wait for prey; they go after it. And this is another way they can be a benefit. The creatures they eat can be dangerous to you, creatures such as ticks, fleas, and cockroaches. It is nice to have wolf spiders roaming around outside your home. But there are a few things you should know about these "sometimes beneficial" spiders.

Wolf Spider Make Terrible Pest Control Professionals

While it is good to leave those spiders alone and let them eat a few pests around your home, the pest control wolf spiders provide isn't really the best. They lack the professionalism of a licensed pest control technician. You can't really blame them. It isn't like you're paying them to do a good job. It is better to go with a human pest control professional if you want the best results.

Wolf Spiders Are Gross

When you have wolf spiders taking care of your pest control, you run into them every once in a while and, let's be honest, they're pretty gross. Wolf spiders are big and hairy. Human pest control professionals, on the other hand, aren't gross. They wear nice, neat uniforms and keep themselves up pretty good. When you run into them in your yard, you're not going to be grossed out.

Wolf Spiders Bite

While they don't prefer to bite you, they can. Bites usually occur when a wolf spider gets trapped and scared and, if you get bitten in the right place, it can hurt like a bee sting. Fortunately, they don't have a potent venom. Bite wounds are usually mild and only turn into an inflamed, itchy welt. Human pest control professionals never bite, even when you scare them or accidentally trap them. It is much better to have one of these taking care of the pest control in your yard.

Dangerous Pests

We have many pests in New Jersey that can be dangerous to you, your pets, and everyone living in your home. Pests can spread diseases, harmful bacteria, parasitic worms, endoparasites, and allergens. They can get into your home and destroy your belongings and valuable keepsakes. Some even do damage to the wood of your home. For all of these pests, it is best to hire an educated and experienced pest control professional.

  •  A pest professional will leverage helpful creatures in your yard to limit the use of chemicals. So, those wolf spiders will be left to do their job on the outskirts of your property, just not up close to your foundation wall where they can accidentally get into your home and present even more problems for you.
  • A pest professional will provide appropriate treatments around your home to reduce pest populations that can lure spiders in close to your outside walls. Those treatments will also take down dangerous pests that can harm your health and property.
  • A pest professional will let you know if your foundation or exterior walls have vulnerabilities. Gaps, cracks and holes don't just let pests into your home, they can let rainwater in too, and that can result in serious issues like mold, mildew, and wood damage.
  • A pest professional will keep you informed of the pest pressures in your yard and what industry-leading strategies work to reduce and control them with the least amount of pest control product.

Wolf spiders can be a benefit when they are kept where they belong. They don't create webs and they eat other, far more dangerous, pests. But, for pest control you can trust, it is better to go with the human professionals at Arrow Pest Control. Reach out to us and request a free home estimate to find out what pests are active around your home and what control solutions are available to manage those pests. Don't leave your pest control to those spiders. They'll let you down every time.

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