Blog Posts: Bed Bugs

how to prevent bed bug bites
October 28, 2020

I’ve Tried Everything, How Do I Stop Bed Bugs From Biting?!

Channeling one of our favorite Golden Girls and her famous catchprase, picture…
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a guide to bed bug protection
October 20, 2020

New Jersey's Guide To Bed Bugs

In this blog post, we’re going to focus on a notorious hitchhiker. The bed bug…
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bed bug in new jersey home
February 7, 2020

How To Be Sure If It's Bed Bugs That Have Invaded Your New Jersey Home

Bed bugs are a big winter pest concern for New Jersey residents. Flat, small…
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holiday celebration in new jersey
November 14, 2019

Don't Let Your Holiday Guests Bring Bed Bugs into Your New Jersey Home

Bed bugs are traveling pets. They love to hitch rides on unaware humans as they…
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bed bug on a chair in a new jersey living room
June 5, 2019

Be On The Lookout For Bed Bugs As Summer Arrives

With the arrival of pleasant, warm weather in spring, and now warmer weather as…
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an infestation of bed bugs throughout a new jersey home
May 14, 2019

The New Jersey Bed Bug Season Is Returning - Are You Ready?

While there really is no "bed bug season" in New Jersey, there is a time of year…
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tech getting ready for professional bed bug treatment in new jersey home
February 14, 2019

Are Bed Bugs An Issue For New Jersey Residents In Winter?

Wouldn’t it be great if every type of bug completely disappeared each winter?…
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bed bug crawling down the headboard of a bed inside a new jersey master bedroom
October 12, 2018

All the Problems Bed Bugs Bring to New Jersey Homes

Fall is in full swing and winter is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean…
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bed bug on nj bed
September 28, 2018

Why Bed Bugs Are Best Left to the Professionals

You may think that bug populations begin to decrease this time of year, and in…
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bed bug crawling on a new jersey bed
June 18, 2018

Summer Warning: Tourists Bring Bed Bugs

Bed bugs love summertime in NJ. Beaches, warm sun, amusement parks, campgrounds:…
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bed bug technician doing treatment
June 6, 2017

Bed Bug Awareness Week

Most of us remember a time not so long ago when bed bugs were all but forgotten…
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signs of bed bug infestation
May 31, 2017

Signs Bed Bugs Leave Behind

If you were sitting in a taxi cab and you saw a bed bug on your arm, would you…
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