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Blog Posts in the Category of "Bed Bugs"

Bed Bugs: Little Pest, Big Problems For Schools

April 30, 2018

children in new jersey classroom

Does it seem like everywhere you turn you are hearing more and more about bed bugs? You’re not imagining it. Bed bugs are frequently showing up in many places we normally wouldn’t think about like libraries, stores, and now schools. Because there are so many people in a school system…teachers, children, and others, finding them in schools is a serious issue that needs to be d... Read More

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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs This Thanksgiving

November 20, 2017

bed bug found on new jersey resident

So, you have decided to travel over the Thanksgiving holiday. What fun it will be to spend time with family and friends, eating lots of turkey with all the dressings, and making new memories. At least you won’t have to plan the Thanksgiving feast! But wait, you do have to make travel plans, like where you will stay, and other activities while you are there. You probably haven’t give... Read More

Tags: bed bug signs | bed bug travel tips | home bed bug control in nj |

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

August 31, 2017

bed bug on skin

Bed bugs! Oh, just the sound of those words makes your skin crawl, doesn’t it? Fortunately, bed bugs are barely a thought until we stay in a hotel, maybe doing some back-to-school shopping with the kids or that weekend away to leaf peep with the spouse in the fall. But do you really know what you’re looking for when you check the mattresses and did you know that bed bugs can easily ... Read More

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