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Blog Posts in the Category of "Termites"

Termite Damage Can Happen Even When They're Not Swarming

May 27, 2020

damage caused by flying termites in new jersey

Just because you haven’t seen a termite swarm this spring, that doesn’t mean your home or property is termite-free.  In fact, these wood-destroying pests are very much active in Irvington, Montclair, and throughout Essex County and New Jersey. Don’t let the lack of a termite swarm lull you into a false sense of security. Your home could be a potential target for destructi... Read More

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How To Tell If Termites Are Active In Your House

April 17, 2020

man with his dog renovating new jersey kitchen

A quick search on the web shows that DIY home renovations are on the increase as COVID-19 quarantine continues.  And really, it makes sense.  There’s only so much Netflix binging a person can take before they become part of the couch.  What’s more, inactivity is tough for many of us; we want to be productive and not weigh 300 pounds when this is over.  Painting t... Read More

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