5 Easy Steps You Can Take To Deter Fleas From Your Yard

Did you know that fleas don't hop into your yard? They're actually carried in by wildlife. There are many ways this can happen, but today we're going to give you a specific example that will give you insight into how flea infestations can start, and then we will discuss five easy steps to keep fleas from getting into your yard.

flea inside a new jersey after being brought in by a mouse

 When a tiny mouse comes into a yard, it can have dozens of fleas on it. As it explores, it will stop here and there in vegetation and in hiding spots; when this happens, flea eggs and flea dirt that is in its fur can fall to the ground. The eggs that are dropped hatch on their own, and tiny flea larvae come out to feed on the flea dirt, which is the dried feces of adult fleas. Newly hatched fleas develop and eventually cocoon themselves. In their cocoons, they wait for a host. When another mouse or any other appropriate host comes by, the fleas will spring onto them. These animals can all bring fleas into your home.

5 easy steps to deter fleas

Protect your pets from fleas. While flea collars are certainly not the end-all for flea control, they are definitely a good first step. If they are appropriate for your pet and for your family, we recommend getting one for each of your pets. Consult your veterinarian about which is best.

  • Keep your dog(s) contained. If you don't have a fenced-in outdoor play area, consider constructing one. This will reduce wildlife traffic in this sensitive location and prevent your dog(s) from exploring your yard and picking up fleas.
  • Everything you do to control wildlife in your yard will help to reduce fleas.
  • Control moisture in your landscaping, as fleas need moisture to survive and develop. If you can keep it dry, you can reduce the number of fleas that make it to their adult stage.
  • Invest in seasonal flea treatments around your home. There is no better way to reduce fleas and prevent flea infestations.

Fleas are irritating pests to deal with but they also present dangers to New Jersey residents and pets. In the summertime, flea populations grow. Take steps now to prevent unwanted exposure on or around your property.

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