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American Cockroach Prevention Tips That Can Actually Help

April 17, 2018

american cockroach in new jersey home

The internet is a great source of information, especially for homeowners. It has an unbelievable amount of do-it-yourself ideas ranging from how to build a shed to how to fix frozen water pipes. If there’s something you want to learn to do, you can almost guarantee that there’s a tutorial or a video out there that’ll teach you how to do it. However, the downside to this is that not all of this information is accurate or even helpful. It’s not always an expert that is providing the information on how to build that backyard shed or fix those pipes.

This is commonly the case when homeowners try to find DIY solutions online on how to take care of their American cockroach problem. Not everything you find is correct information and most (if not all) DIY solutions don’t actually eliminate the problem. It’s important that you don’t rely on the internet when it comes to American cockroaches because if not taken care of, they can be dangerous to both your home and family.

You might not know it, but these cockroaches are actually very dangerous. While they may not bite or sting, they are a known asthma trigger for some and can cause allergic reactions in others. They also carry bacteria that have the potential to cause serious diseases. Additionally, they easily contaminate food and food preparation surfaces with their feces and other bacteria that they pick up in sewers, garbage, and drains. This bacteria can be transferred to members of the home. They aren’t very destructive when it comes to the home, but they can certainly be a nuisance. For example, cockroaches can emit a foul odor, making your house smell musty. You may find their droppings and/or their oval-shaped egg cases in cabinets, drawers, and underneath sinks. If the infestation gets out of hand, you’re likely to see these pests running around making your home rather unappealing. 

Now that you know how dangerous American cockroaches can be, you’re probably wondering how you can prevent these nasty pests from infesting your home. There are a few professional tips that you can try. The most important thing that you can do is to eliminate what attracts them. You’ll want to remove any open food sources and fix any moisture issues. It’ll also help if you seal off any entry points, such as cracks in foundation, holes around windows or doors, etc. If you want to do everything you absolutely can to prevent American cockroaches, or to eliminate a current cockroach problem, don’t run to the internet for answers! The best prevention tip we can give to New Jersey residents is to call Arrow Pest Control for help. 

Arrow Pest Control has gained knowledge and experience over the last four decades, so we know the best way to deal with all pests, including American cockroaches. When you sign up for a year-round pest control program, you get to choose between three levels of protection that suit your specific needs and budget. The benefits of all programs include at least 3 seasonal services, industry-leading pest control professionals, and both interior and exterior protection for your home. Instead of turning to the internet, contact Arrow Pest Control today for information and prevention tips that you can actually trust. 

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