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Are Termites Still A Threat?

September 17, 2018

termites crawling on wood

We've been having some pretty crazy weather, with the flash floods up and down the East Coast. As pest professionals, we take notice of the weather because bad weather breeds bugs. Building off of a recent article on termite populations during in the wake of the 2018 storm season, we're going to put our focus on what we can expect from termites this fall.

As we move into fall, it is important to understand that subterranean termite populations are going to be higher than normal. This is because wet weather can inspire termite colonies to send out swarmers, an activity that is typically constrained to spring. When a colony releases swarmers it is for one reason and one reason alone: to create more colonies. While there are no statistics on how much termite growth we had this summer with all that rain we have had, we know one thing, there are going to be more termites this fall!

That large amount of rain did more than simply fertilize the subterranean termite population. It also caused damage to homes-damage that termites are attracted to. When worker termites search for food, they go where there is wet wood. If your home has been damaged by excessive rainwater, it is important to dry things up and make repairs.

Once you have things fixed up and dry, it is wise to get termite protection, especially with termite populations higher than usual. Subterranean termites cost U.S. property owners over $5 billion annually.

Why call a pro?

Certified Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) know how to find termites, even inside your walls. And when those termites are located your PMP has products and procedures to make sure every termite is eliminated. They can also assist you with creating a complete barrier around your property to prevent future infestations.

Subterranean termites are sneaky pests that can damage a home for years without being detected. Don't take chances with your equity. Termites will be active this fall, and they can continue to be active throughout the winter, under the right conditions. Don't let them eat away at your investment. Reach out to Arrow Pest Control for a FREE home estimate. We'll inspect your home, figure out if termites are an issue, and guide you in setting up termite protection for your home.

Because you don't get a second chance to stop termite damage.     


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