Are the Little Red Bugs in Your New Jersey Home Worth Worrying About?  

It’s an ant! It’s a spider! It’s a…. clover mite? You might never have heard of a clover mite, but you’ve probably seen them. These tiny red bugs look a bit like spiders, and they can be found crawling over a variety of surfaces both outside and indoors. What are these little red insects, and how worried should you be when you first see them appear in your home? We’ve compiled some of the most important information about these pests. Read on to learn everything you’ve been wondering about clover mites.

tiny red bug crawling in montclair nj

Identifying Clover Mites

Clover mites are related to spiders and ticks. The good news is, although they are part of the arachnid family, they are not spiders and they won’t bite you. Clover mites are tiny insects, the size of a pinhead. They can range in color from brown to bright red, though you’ll most often see red clover mites. Clover mites usually live outside and feed on plants from your garden. But in some seasons, they may end up inside.

Clover Mites in Your Home

Clover mites come inside during the change of season or if temperature changes. You may notice them in your home after heavy rain or an unusually hot or cold day. If you have house plants, they will eat the plants to help them survive inside. Clover mites aren’t dangerous to humans, and they don’t cause property damage. They are considered a nuisance pest because they can arrive in your home in huge numbers that can be difficult to control. Some people may be allergic, however, so watch for a reaction if you’ve been near clover mites for the first time. Clover mites don’t live long inside, but if their bodies get crushed, they can stain furniture, walls, and floors.

Getting Rid of Clover Mites

Clover mites will die off on their own once they get inside your home. They can only survive outdoors. However, that’s not to say you should ignore them. As mentioned previously, clover mites can leave stains, and those stains can be difficult to clean. The sooner you get rid of clover mites, the less you need to worry about watching for their bodies to avoid accidentally squishing them. Clover mites can also cause problems because of their sheer numbers. No one wants hundreds of bugs in their house, no matter how small or harmless. If you have clover mites that aren’t dying off, or if clover mites are continuously coming into your home, have Arrow Pest Control come to take a look. We have years of experience in pest control, and we can help you determine any attracting factors that may be luring clover mites into your home.

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