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Back To School Bed Bugs

September 3, 2019

a group of children walking into a new jersey school buildong on their forst day of school fully un aware of the bed bug infestation their peers are struggling with

 Back-to-school season is gearing up for the return of students everywhere, but with these human pupils, there could be an army of tiny, bloodthirsty pests that are more than happy to meet the new class. 

As you might imagine, bed bugs can easily infest schools and classrooms, resulting in neighborhood-wide infestations. After the widespread travels and vacations from the last few weeks of summer, students are returning to class with many things, possibly including hard-to-spot bed bugs. Measuring less than five millimeters, these bugs can quickly swell in numbers and spread out among the different rooms, spaces, and children in the school. Without proper prevention or knowing tell-tale signs, bed bugs can grow out of control and become rooted in your own home. 


Seeing is Believing (and Prevention) 

The first step towards eliminating bed bugs is to know what the signs of their presence look like. Check for: 

  • Rusty or brown excrement spots around clothing, bedspreads, mattresses, and furniture. 

  • Shed insect skins in piles or large groups. 

  • A sweet, musky scent that is often described as having a similar smell to locker rooms. 

  • Groups of white eggs that are often hidden in creases, pockets, and other dark areas. 

Once you’ve established that there is bed bug activity around the school, make sure to educate your children on ways to avoid bringing them home. 

  • Bag up clothing worn to school and do laundry frequently on the hottest setting. 

  • Shower often and thoroughly. 

  • Keep bookbags, backpacks, and other belongings up off the floor. 

  • Inspect lockers for signs of bed bug activity. 

It’s not just your children who could use the helping hand. Educate teachers and other school professionals on ways they can help eliminate the bed bug problem before it becomes a full-blown infestation. 


Eliminate your Target with Arrow 

Bed bugs are resilient pests and may still find their way into your home despite your best efforts. Without proper treatment, bed bug infestations will only continue to worsen. Even if the issue seems to be getting better, it only takes one bug to reinitiate the breeding cycle. To ensure you’ve removed every chance of infestation from arising, call the bed bug professionals at Arrow Pest Control, your best option for bed bug control and beyond. 

Our comprehensive bed bug control plan comes complete with a K9 inspection dog and several different types of treatment options to allow your family the best choice for your home and lifestyle. Reach out to us today to schedule your free and no obligation inspection today and rest assured that Arrow Pest Control always hits their target.

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