Bed Bug Awareness Week

Most of us remember a time not so long ago when bed bugs were all but forgotten in the average American household. There may have been a few cases popping up here and there; but they were very nearly eradicated across the nation thanks, in part, to certain pesticides that were also having a detrimental effect on other animal species. This pesticide was outlawed and bam! The bed bug made a comeback in a big way. Within a few years, the bed bug could once again be found from the Atlantic to the Pacific and in all spots in between. To help spread awareness, the Professional Pest Management Alliance has designated the week of June 4th through the 10th as Bed Bug Awareness Week.

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There are many misconceptions about these tiny pests. Many people are convinced that bed bugs come from just bringing old mattresses into the house or that bed bugs only live in dirty surroundings. Neither of these is true, but the rumor stuck a long time ago and has been part of the advice handed down through the generations. The fact is that bed bugs are quite comfortable living in mattresses, new or old because they have easy access to their sleeping host. But the bed bug is just as comfortable in the carpet, in pet bedding, under the cushions on the couch, or anywhere else that their host spends a lot of time sitting still. They have no preference on how neat or how untidy the house is. They will feed and expand their population regardless.

Summer is well on its way, and people will be traveling around the country more than any other time of the year. To prevent the further spread of bed bugs, it is essential that folks be aware how easily these pests can get from point A to point B. These are the world’s best hitchhikers, quietly sneaking into luggage, clothing, or even a coat pocket to find their way to a new home where they can establish a whole new population in a few weeks.

During Bed Bug Awareness week, we encourage everyone who travels for school or work, or even just for fun, to always take a few minutes to read up on how to prevent bringing bed bugs home with you. Inspect your surroundings thoroughly. Make sure you check seats on planes, trains, and taxis because bed bugs don’t just live in beds! When you arrive at your destination, pay particular attention to the mattress, especially near the headboard; the floor around the nightstand; as well as the closet and any other furniture that might be in the room you are staying in. Whether you are in a 5-star resort or staying at your grandmother's, it is important to make sure that you look thoroughly. Even if you find nothing, make sure that you are taking preventative measures when you return home. Wash all of your clothing and inspect anything that you brought home, and be sure to check the luggage thoroughly and vacuum it before storing it away.

At Arrow Pest Control, we know that as vigilant as we all try to be about pests, it only takes a few tiny bugs to start a population explosion in the house. That is why we have some of the most highly trained and efficient bed bug control experts on staff to help our clients quickly get rid of the bugs that bite in the night. Give us a call today and our technicians will be on their way to inspect your house for signs of bed bugs, to figure out where they are hiding, and to customize a plan just for your home to completely eradicate the threat of bed bugs. Take back your home from bed bugs by calling Arrow Pest Control today.

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