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Benefits Of Tick Control

May 18, 2017

tick embedded in skin of new jersey resident

Have you been hearing about ticks a lot lately?

It’s not surprising; they seem to be everywhere and causing anxiety to those who encounter them.  At Arrow, we understand the concern; ticks in New Jersey are capable of spreading disease to people and pets.

For property owners who want to enjoy the warm weather in their backyards without fear, we highly recommend implementing a tick control plan that targets these biting, disease-spreading pests.

But first, what types of ticks are in New Jersey?

 Before we discuss the advantages of tick control, let’s discuss the types of ticks New jersey residents may encounter.

Deer Ticks

Blacklegged ticks (AKA deer ticks) are perhaps the most notorious ticks in NJ.  They are known vectors of Lyme disease and also have the ability to transmit ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, and more.

These ticks prefer moist, humid environments and are frequently found in tall grass, dense vegetation, and wooded areas.  Don’t be surprised to find them on well-manicured lawns either; they may have dropped off passing wildlife, including rodents and deer.

Dog Ticks

There are two types of dog ticks in New Jersey; they are the brown dog tick and American dog tick. Not considered as much of a threat to health as deer ticks, infected American dog ticks can transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF). Unlike American dog ticks, brown dog ticks are more likely to be found indoors (especially in kennels) and can actually complete a life cycle inside. They also have the ability to spread RMSF as well as spread disease to dogs including canine ehrlichiosis.


Protect your family and pets with effective tick control

While not all ticks are infected with disease, there is no way to tell if a tick-borne disease is present without testing and that doesn’t happen until after a tick bite has occurred.

The best way to protect your family and pets from infectious ticks is by reducing the tick population on your property.  That’s where Arrow Pest Control comes in!

Professional tick treatments significantly reduce tick activity

Our Bite Back! Program is a comprehensive tick control and mosquito treatment plan that starts in April, about the time ticks are really becoming active. Seasonal, monthly treatments through October ensure that ticks and mosquitoes don’t have the opportunity to take up residence in your yard.  

For tick problems in Essex County, NJ and beyond, contact Arrow

Providing tick control in Montclair, South Orange, and communities throughout Essex County and our New Jersey service area, our local pest control company is ready to help property owners bite back. Contact us today to learn more about our tick treatments or to schedule your service today!


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