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Benefits Of Tick Control

May 18, 2017

tick embedded in skin

Ticks seem to be everywhere, and they can be scary to deal with. They are so small that we don’t see them right away, and they can burrow into the skin of a human, a pet or other animal very quickly and become embedded. Removing them is tricky, which can cause a lot of anxiety concerning related illnesses.
While you want to enjoy the wonderful warmer weather by spending more time in your yard, you need to know more about the types of ticks you may encounter, the dangers that they cause, and the best ways to avoid contact with them.
The blacklegged deer ticks, AKA deer ticks, are flat and oval and are an orange-black with black legs. They are very small before they feed and can be as tiny as 1/16 of an inch. Once they have eaten their blood meal, they increase in size and their color changes to more of a rust color. They like moist, humid environments and frequently are found in tall grass, dense vegetation, and wooded areas. Many wild animals are carriers of ticks and will bring ticks into your yard. Deer ticks that are infected can spread many diseases, one of which is Lyme disease and can be severely debilitating. Not all ticks are infected, but you will want to protect your family and your pets from any risk of infectious ticks. Sadly, there is no way to prevent all deer ticks, but you can prevent them from rapidly breeding and significantly reduce their population on your property with help from a professional pest control company.
Brown dog ticks and American dog ticks are not quite as dangerous, but they can still make people sick with diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Dogs are at risk for disease from these ticks as well. These species of tick are a bit larger than the deer tick (the American dog tick is the largest), but they are still oval and can range from a bluish-gray to tan.
At Arrow Pest Control, we want you to enjoy the warm weather on your own property in New Jersey.  While a total elimination of ticks is impossible, we can significantly reduce the population of ticks and mosquitoes on your property.
Contact us with your tick control problems, and we can apply treatment to the breeding, resting, and nesting areas on your property to help reduce ticks and mosquitoes. During peak tick season between May and September we can treat your property every month targeting those problem areas to create a barrier against these pests.
Don’t allow mosquitoes and ticks to flourish and bite on your property this season when Arrow Pest Control can “bite back!” using our mosquito and tick reduction program. We can even recommend other ways to gain optimal success in creating a tick control regimen. Be sure to give us a call today at Arrow Pest Control to learn more about our effective mosquito and tick control services.

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