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Fall Pest Prevention Tips

October 31, 2017

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As the weather changes from summer to fall, the number of pests trying to get into our homes will increase. They can feel the temperatures dropping, and they're looking for a warm place to spend the winter months where they will have access to food and water and what better place than your home?! Homeowners typically report an increase in the most common fall invaders, which include mice, spiders, stink bugs, earwigs, and lady bugs.

  • Mice -  Having a single mouse in your home this fall can translate to having hundreds of mice within a year! Mice cause structural damages to homes by gnawing, building nests, and defecating. They can transmit diseases to humans. 

  • Spiders - Most people do not like spiders, even though they are actually considered beneficial. They eat other insects which can help control the spread of disease. Of course, there are some spiders which are poisonous and you definitely do not want them in your home!

  • Stink Bugs - The stink bug has a shield shape and if you squish them, you will be treated to an awful smell from the liquid they hold in their abdomen. They are a total nuisance in the fall, and if not eliminated, can reproduce and come out in abundance in the spring.

  • Earwigs - While earwigs do not destroy your home or cause actual harm, they're a nuisance that you will want to remove from your home. If you disturb them, earwigs can produce a foul odor, or use their forceps to pinch you.

  • Lady bugs - Lady bugs are kind of cute, but they're still a bug all the same and most people don't want bugs of any kind sharing their home! They don't feed or damage anything in your home, nor do they carry disease, sting, or breed inside.

How to Prevent Fall Pests from Getting Indoors

If you want to prevent these fall pests from coming inside, take some time to evaluate the exterior of your home. Are their holes or cracks anywhere that would let the smallest of pests inside? Check around pipes, electrical wires, window screens, and your foundation. Seal any openings.

Keep your mulch and landscaping away from the side of your home. This will discourage many pests from trying to get inside from the cover of landscaping located against the side of residential property.

Eliminating Fall Pests

If you end up with any of these fall pests and need help getting them out of your home, give Arrow Pest Control a call. Our experienced technicians are ready to identify the source of your infestation, find how they are gaining access to your home, eliminate the pests, and take steps to prevent future infestations. Learn more about our home pest control services today!

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