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How Do Ticks Get Into My House?

July 27, 2020

brown dog tick inside nj home

The answer to “how do ticks get into my house?” really depends on the type of tick(s) you’ve found. In most cases deer ticks, American dog ticks, and Lone Star ticks are carried in on family pets or even on family members who have spent time outside and specifically in areas where these biting pests tend to lurk.  Ticks can also be brought indoors on unwelcomed visitors, namely mice and rats.  Brown dog ticks, on the other hand, are a bit different in how they operate.  Read on to learn more about this tick (which is very active in New Jersey right now).

What are brown dog ticks?

Interestingly enough, brown dog ticks and other tick species are not actual insects.  They arachnids and are similar to spiders, scorpions, and mites. Unusual among ticks, the brown dog tick’s life cycle allows it to survive and thrive indoors and outdoors and in colder climates.

While brown dog ticks rarely bite humans, they will feed on a variety of mammals but prefer to feed on dogs and are frequently found in kennels, in homes with dogs, and places frequented by dogs. 

Risks associated with brown dog ticks

If you’re wondering if brown dog ticks carry lyme disease, the answer is no. They are known carriers of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and are a vector of many pathogens that cause dog diseases including canine ehrlichiosis and canine babesiosis. To learn more about tick-borne diseases that affect canines, please visit

Where to look for brown dog ticks (on your dog and in your home)

According to the Tick-Borne Disease Ecology & Control, a research program of Freehold Township, adult brown dog ticks are most often found in the ears and between the toes of dogs. Larvae and nymphs of this species often attach to the long hair at the back of dogs’ necks.

In homes, brown dog ticks are commonly found in areas where dogs rest. You may also discover these ticks crawling up walls or on curtains as well as hiding in cracks and crevices near baseboards and in the floor.

Brown dog tick prevention tips

To protect your pets and to keep these pests out of your home, the local pest control professionals at Arrow recommend the following tips:

  • Avoid tick-infested areas whenever possible
  • Clean pet bedding and areas where your dog(s) rest thoroughly and frequently
  • Speak with your veterinarian about tick control products for your pets
  • Inspect your pets regularly and especially in areas where ticks are likely to hide (you may find a lint roller helpful in this process)
  • Keep your lawn trimmed and remove overgrowth
  • Work with a pest control company to keep your property protected against ticks and other pests

For more information about brown dog ticks or to find out how Arrow Pest Control can help you get rid of ticks in Montclair, Clark, and elsewhere in our NJ service area, please fill out the form below or give us a call at (732) 844-8612.

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