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How House Spiders Get Into New Jersey Homes During The Summertime

July 11, 2019

a log legged house spider crawling upside down on a new jersey ceiling

Have you ever heard of the urban legend saying that the average human consumes eight spiders a year while they sleep? If you haven’t, we hope the thought does not disturb you too much - especially since it is not true! What is true, however, is that an unsuspecting spider could accidentally be swallowed at night. It could happen! If you are looking for a way to make accidentally swallowing spiders an impossibility, stick around: we have a solution you will want to hear.

Factors That Attract Spiders In Summertime

If you've ever read Charlotte's Web or learned about spiders in science class, you probably know that spiders are carnivores that mainly rely on other insects as their source of food. Can you guess what one major factor that draws spiders into homes is? If you guessed other insects, you would be correct. This means if you see flies buzzing about, or the occasional centipede, spiders most likely are not too far behind.

Have you ever seen a group of bugs congregating around a light at night? Maybe one just outside of your home. Those very lights are a huge attractant to a variety of insects, and the closer those insects are to your home, the more likely they are to invade - with spiders following suit.

Common Entry Points For Spiders and the Prey They Follow Inside

How do spiders and their prey get inside? Any way they can; if your home’s foundation has a crack or gap in it, or one of your window or door frames is not sealed properly, your home could be letting in insects. Here are some of the main entry points insects use to get into homes.

  • Under or through doors

  • Around window/door frames

  • Through a foundation

  • Around utility piping

  • Through an open window

  • Through a ripped or torn screen

Why Call Arrow Immediately If You Are Dealing With Summer Spiders

Remember when we mentioned a solution to your spider problem earlier? It lies here with Arrow Pest Control, with our qualified pest technicians and proven spider-control treatments. If you want spiders out of your home, we won’t just get them out, we will put in place measure to keep other spiders from getting in as well.

To learn more about our pest control services, or to schedule treatments for your home, contact Arrow today!

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