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How Mice Get Inside Morganville New Jersey Homes In the Winter

January 15, 2019

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Winter is in full force in New Jersey. The temperatures are cold, the snow is falling, and everyone is looking for a warm, dry place to hang out until spring arrives.

It’s not just people who think this way. Mice also like warm shelters in the winter. For them it’s more than a matter of simple comfort, it’s a matter of survival. Winters are usually too severe for mice to survive out in the elements, especially when you consider the lack of food sources throughout the winter months. Mice need a warm place to live that also provides food and water. Sometimes they find that perfect trifecta that is a little closer to you than you’d like. If you want to avoid mice in your New Jersey home this winter, you should find the rest of this article to be very helpful.

How Mice Get Inside New Jersey Homes in the Winter

Mice are small. They’re so tiny, in fact, that they can fit through a hole the size of a dime. That means that any hole, gap, or crack around the outside of your house is a potential entry-way for a mouse to squeeze inside. Even if you don’t have any holes that size, mice are expert chewers and can use their incisors to make a small hole much bigger without too much trouble.

It’s important to thoroughly inspect your home for areas with cracks, gaps, or holes. If you find any, repair or seal them in a way that keeps mice from chewing through.

Consider other openings that mice may use to get into your home. Chimneys that aren’t capped are an easy way to get in, as are uncovered vents and soffits.

Even if you’ve made it difficult to get into your house, there may still be areas around your property that are attractive to mice. If you want the best chance of stopping mice from getting in, make sure they’re not hanging around.

Food and water sources draw them in as well. If you leave pet food out, feed the birds in the winter, or leave outside garbage cans uncovered, you’re probably attracting mice to your property. If your lawn is particularly wet, you have an uncovered pool, or if you leave a pet’s water dish outside, mice will consider your yard prime hunting grounds.

Mice enjoy areas with plenty of hiding spots. Tall grass, stone walls, wood piles, and shrubbery abutting your home will all give the signal to mice that your home is a good place to visit.

When Mice Get Inside

Once mice get inside, they’ll look for a quiet, secluded place to build a nest. Attics, wall voids, and storage areas are all favorite spots for mice to hide. If you realize you have mice in your house, you may decide to set traps to catch them. Unfortunately, this is not always an effective treatment plan on its own. There are many factors, such as location and bait, that will make or break the effectiveness of trap-setting. Even if you are successful in capturing a mouse, it doesn’t mean you’ve taken care of the entire problem.

Call in the Professionals

To be 100% effective, it’s best to call in the experts. Arrow Pest Control has the experience to understand the habits of mice. We can determine where mice are nesting and provide the proper treatment for elimination.

To request a free inspection or to talk to one of our pest control technicians, give us a call today!

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