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How Mosquito & Tick Control Works

June 20, 2017

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Does it feel like every time you turn around there is another story on the news about diseases and viruses spread by mosquitoes or ticks? You're not imagining things. The impact of Lyme disease and Zika virus, in particular, has put pest-borne diseases on the radar of most Americans. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the risk of contracting these pathogens, especially when it comes to our own property.

At Arrow Pest Control, we offer a comprehensive Mosquito and Tick Control program that will take a bite out of the mosquito and tick populations in your yard. While we can't guarantee that you'll have no more mosquitoes or ticks, we can promise that this service makes a big difference. Here's how:

  • Our Arrow technicians are trained and educated in the pests they guard against. One of the ways they help property owners is by sharing this knowledge. They are trained to provide detailed and actionable data that will help you make simple changes that will directly resist invasive and harmful bugs and wildlife. The more you know, the more successful you'll be at protecting yourself, your family, and your pets.

  • The reason most people have issues with mosquitoes and ticks is due to breeding sites on their property. Our technicians will help you identify these sites and outline solutions that will remove them, or render them unusable for these pests to breed in.

  • Mosquitoes don't usually travel more than 300 yards from where they hatch. So, the mosquitoes that are biting you in your yard were probably hatched in your yard, or somewhere nearby. That is why mosquito treatments work so well to reduce bites on your property. And, when you reduce mosquitoes in your yard, you'll reduce how many eggs are being laid in your neighbor's yard. It has a cascading effect.

  • There are areas on your property that mosquitoes and ticks will hide. Our technicians know which areas to target with EPA approved treatments, and apply these treatments according to strict safety guidelines.

  • Before mosquitoes and ticks turn into bugs that can bite you, there are eggs in your yard. Your Arrow technician will apply a treatment that will destroy those eggs before they can turn into biting pests.

If you live in our New Jersey service area, don't let those mosquitoes and ticks bite you; bite back! With Mosquito & Tick Control from Arrow Pest Control. Your backyard belongs to you. It is for cookouts, volleyball, wedding receptions, birthday parties, relaxing around the pool, and other life activities. And life is simply better without mosquitoes and ticks. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services.

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