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How To Get Rid of Clover Mites

July 12, 2017

clover mite up close

We are not in short supply of the number of nuisance pests that will inexplicably invade our lives and our homes. On any given day throughout the summer, you might have noticed tiny little red bugs on your window sills, curtains, or even on the siding of your home and been very frustrated by the sheer number that will gather. You might also have noticed that when you try to squish one of these tiny beasts that it leaves a red stain right where you do not want it.

Many people mistake these creatures for tiny spiders; and though they are related to arachnids as well as ticks, they are actually mites. They are recognizable by their two long front legs, their diminutive size (only 2 mm in diameter), and of course, their bright red color. The good news is that these tiny creatures are in no way a danger to your family and your pets, and they do no damage to your property unless they are squished. The bad news is that the clover mite never comes without a few thousand of its friends. When they invade your home, they come in droves resting both inside and out in the sunny areas of your home. Squishing them only succeeds in creating stains that are hard, if not impossible, to remove; and it is impossible to get rid of all the mites that have invaded simply by squishing.

You can help prevent them, however. First, take a look at your lawn and at the shrubbery around your home. Keeping the grass, flowers, and shrubs from touching the foundation is extremely important to discourage the clover mite from finding its way to the siding on your house. Then make sure that each opening around your home is sealed. Spots like cracks in the foundation, gaps around windows and doors, and openings around vents should be sealed with caulking to discourage mites from entering. Finally, when gardening, be sure to never over-fertilize. The grass and plant life around your home encourages clover mites to reside. Over-fertilizing encourages the populations to grow much quicker.

Preventing the clover mite, along with many other pests, becomes much easier with the help of Arrow Pest Control and our Premier Pest Prevention Plan. With Premier, you can count on Arrow to treat your entire property, both inside and out, to discourage pests from moving in and becoming a problem for your family. Set up your initial inspection and hear directly from one of our certified technicians how Arrow Pest Control can help you to prevent clover mites, and many other common pests, today.

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