How To Keep Bees, Wasps & Hornets Away From Your NJ Home

For homeowners in Stirling, Morristown, and Chatham as well as throughout New Jersey, summertime often means lounging by the pool on the weekends, grilling with family and friends, and just spending time outdoors soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible before winter comes knocking.  It also means contending with bees, wasps, and hornets that are likely to show up when conditions are favorable for them.

yellow jacket stinging a new jersey homeowner on the arm while outside

What attracts bees, wasps, and hornets?

In a word – food. Bees, wasps, and hornets are all attracted to properties that provide sources of food, such as:

  • Insects, grubs, or larvae in soil
  • Fruit from fruit trees 
  • Honey dew from aphids
  • Sweet drinks, meat, and other foods left outdoors
  • Garbage
  • Pet food left outside   

During the spring and summer months, stinging insects will likely be on the search for food sources that contain protein. This includes remnants of steaks and burgers on or near the grill, uncovered platters on the table, or in the trash can.  In the fall, they’ll start seeking out food sources that are sweeter, such as ripened fruit on the ground, and soda and other sweet foodstuffs that are often part of a BBQ as well as the nectar from some flowers. 

In addition to food, stinging insects are also looking for nesting sites that provide protection against the elements. Depending on the type of stinging insect on your New Jersey property, you may find them nesting in eaves, overhangs, porch ceilings, and tree holes as well as holes in the ground. Unfortunately, if they find access, they may even establish nests inside your home. 

What should I do if stinging insects are on my property?

The answer really depends on their proximity to your home and family members. You see, stinging insects have some admirable qualities. For example, some like the honey bee and carpenter bee, are exceptional pollinators and others, like the wasp are natural predators of other insects you really don’t want on your property or worse inside your home.  If you have bees, wasps, and hornets going about their business and are not coming close to any structures on your property or becoming aggressive or stinging people or pets, action isn’t always necessary. 

However, if you’ve found these pests nesting on or INSIDE your home or damaging your deck or other structures, you’ll definitely want to stop that behavior as they can cause serious issues. Additionally, if you cannot enjoy your outdoor living space without being threatened by these sometimes-aggressive pests, you may want to remedy the situation. And if you or anyone on your property is allergic to stings, it is imperative that you do what is necessary to protect their health. 

How to make your home less attractive to stinging insects in New Jersey

Keep unwanted stinging insects away from your house with the following tips:

  • Seal all cracks, gaps, and opening on your home’s exterior that would allow these pests access in. 
  • Limit the number of flowering plants in your landscape or plant them in an area that is well away from any structures, decks, pools, and places your family hangs out. 
  • Remove trees that are rotting and have large holes (perfect for nest building). 
  • Make sure your outdoor trash cans have tight fitting lids.
  • Keep lids on food when not serving and keep open drinks covered as much as possible.
  • Pick up food crumbs and wipe up drink spills as soon as they occur when eating al fresco.
  • Don’t leave pet food out for any extended time. 

If you plan on spending time in areas where bees, wasps, and hornets are likely to be populating, we recommend wearing muted colors so as not to be mistaken for bright colored flowers. You should also refrain from wearing strong and/or floral perfumes as they will attract unwanted attention.

What to do if you find a nest on, in or near your home

If you’ve discovered a nest on the eave of your home, inhabiting an empty tree hole, or established close to the areas we mentioned above, please contact Arrow Pest Control today! Offering stinging insect control services throughout our multi-county service area, we are ready to help you get rid of bees, wasps, and other stinging insects that have become a threat on your property. From stand-alone carpenter bee control and cicada killer wasp treatments to ongoing pest control that stops stinging insect activity when they are present, our locally owned and operated pest control company has the solution to your stinging problem!

Year-Round Home Pest Control That Takes Care Of Stinging Insects & Other Household Pests

Home Protection Program

Service consists of the elimination of your current pest or rodent problem, complemented by both interior and exterior year-round protection of your home, which is inclusive of three seasonal visits. The program covers your entire property including attics, mailboxes, playsets, sheds, and fences.

Pests targeted with Arrow’s Home Protection Plan services include ants (excluding carpenter ants, pharaoh ants and acrobatic), bees, boxelder bugs, carpenter bees, carpet beetles, centipedes, cicada killers, clover mites, crickets, digger bees, earwigs, fabric & paper pests, fleas (inside only), ground beetles, hornets, mice, pillbugs, millipedes, rats, roaches, silverfish, sowbugs, spiders, springtails, stored product pests, and wasps.

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