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How To Tell If Termites Are Active In Your House

April 17, 2020

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How COVID-19 DIY home renovations may help you find termite activity

A quick search on the web shows that DIY home renovations are on the increase as COVID-19 quarantine continues.  And really, it makes sense.  There’s only so much Netflix binging a person can take before they become part of the couch.  What’s more, inactivity is tough for many of us; we want to be productive and not weigh 300 pounds when this is over.  Painting the walls, sanding the deck, or even a complete overhaul of the kitchen is a great way to fill the hours and it just may add value to your home.  So why are we, a pest control company, bringing this up? There’s no better time, while you are tearing apart a wall or installing new appliances, to be on the look out for termites

Active termite infestation versus old termite damage

An active termite infestation means there are termite workers actively infesting your home and consuming wood and materials made from cellulose. Old termite damage without the presence of live insects simply means that your home was once invaded by these wood destroying pests. It does not mean they are still present and wreaking havoc on load baring walls, support beams, or other wood.

Signs of an active termite infestation include:

  • Mud tubes around the foundation and extending across floor joists and support beams
  • Live bugs in soil, rotting wood, or elsewhere on your property
  • Termite swarmers or their discarded wings inside the house
  • New termite damage

What to do if you discover a termite problem or termite damage    

First thing, don’t panic. Homes across New Jersey have been infested by termites and recovered. That said, don’t ignore the problem either. If it is an active termite infestation it will not go away unless it is forced to. If you’ve noticed any of the signs of termites mentioned above or have stumbled across termite damage, contact Arrow Pest Control.

Providing effective termite protection in Montclair and several New Jersey counties for almost 50 years, our highly trained and fully licensed termite exterminators have the knowledge and tools to identify and get rid of termites that are threatening your home.

What to expect when you contact Arrow for termite control

When you reach out to our local pest control company, we’ll start with a thorough termite inspection of the property including the interior of the house to identify and evaluate the scope of the problem. After that, we’ll explain our findings and recommend a plan of action that will result in the complete elimination of the termite colony!

How our termite control pros exterminate these wood-destroying insects

At Arrow, we use Termidor®, America’s #1 termite defense product, to eliminate termites. This liquid termite treatment is applied around the perimeter of the structure, essentially creating a zone of protection that foraging termites cannot miss. Once they’ve come into contact with the material, they will transport it back to the colony.

Why is it critical that they take the product back to the colony and not simply die upon contact? In order to completely exterminate a termite colony, you must kill the queen that is hiding out in a subterranean colony below the surface. She does not leave her digs but rather is focused on reproduction. By targeting the foraging workers that carry food back to and mingle with the queen and rest of the colony, the population is all exposed to the Termidor and cannot continue to exist.

Serving Essex, Hudson, Union, Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer, Ocean, and Somerset counties, Arrow Pest Control remains diligent in protecting the health of people and property even in the midst of this crisis. As an essential business in New Jersey, we are able to continue our mission to serve our neighbors and eliminate the pests that threaten them.

Contact us today to learn more about our termite control services or to schedule your termite inspection!


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