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Indian Meal Moth: The Most Stubborn Pantry Pest Of The Northeast

September 17, 2019

an indian meal moth crawlong along the wooden shelving inside of a new jersey pantry

Moths are normally beautiful additions to backyard gardens, but this sneaky flying bug would much rather be in your kitchen or pantry than out in the lawn.

Indian Meal Moths (often referred to as weevils, pantry moths, flour moths, or grain moths) are common New Jersey insects. Sometimes confused with raisin or almond moths, Indian meal moths are distinguished by noticeable dark marks on their fore-wings. With a shimmery exterior and white-gray interior wing. Adult Indian meal moths will rest quietly on the outside of cans and containers while preparing to lay eggs. A mature Indian Meal Moth can lay as many as 300 whitish eggs in small groups of 12 or 15. Eggs hatch into larvae in less than two weeks and begin their search for food. It may take these larvae up to a year before they’re ready to transition to the next stage of their lives. Small enough to pass through a sixty-mesh screen, few things are safe from this tiny and tenacious insect. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

The Indian Meal Moth has a particular diet: 

  • Grains 

  • Dried fruits 

  • Nuts 

  • Cereals 

  • A myriad of stored processed foods

As you might imagine, this insect is most attracted to agricultural businesses and silos, but this won’t keep them from exploring possibilities in residential neighborhoods. Homes with large pantries or a large number of grain products are the most at risk. Larvae can chew through cardboard and plastic while looking for food and safe cocooning spaces, making the chances for foodborne disease and illness to increase. 

Once a full-blown infestation is underway, Indian meal moths can be nearly impossible to eliminate. The removal process can be costly, long, and may not catch every moth before it reaches the egg-bearing stage. Preventative care is the best form of action to take against Indian meal moths no matter where you live.

You Minus Moths Equals Arrow 

If you’re concerned about these flying bugs finding their way into your home, rest assured that Arrow Pest Control has the expertise and experience necessary to prevent Indian meal moth infestations all year long. Serving the people of New Jersey for over forty years and counting, see why we have been consistently ranked as one of the best pest control facilities in the state. 

Reach out to us today to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection and start protecting yourself from moth invasions in your pantry today.

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