Is My New Jersey Home At Risk For Termites This Summer?

If you could pick just one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would you pick? Would you go with a juicy burger topped with all your favorite add-ons? How about a salad with chicken, drizzled with your favorite dressing; or maybe you are the type of person to keep it simple with something like pizza?

termite professional outside of a termidor protected home

We know what you are thinking: what does this have to do with termites? You see, although termites were not given a choice in the matter, they are limited to a single food that they must consume in order to survive. That food is not tacos or fried chicken, but cellulose, which is the main ingredient in wood, and guess what: the majority of homes are built of wood, making them the perfect life-long meal for hungry termites.

Why Termites Are At Peak Activity During The Summer

One of the upsides to living in the north is that most pests go away during the wintertime, and that includes termites. This means that about 50% or more of the year, you don’t have to worry about termites invading your home. It is only when the weather heats up during spring and summer that termites start looking for new homes to munch on; this is when your home is at risk.

Factors That Put Homes At Risk

Just like we may have a preference on how our steaks are cooked, termites have a preference for the condition of the wood they eat. Termites mostly only eat soft, water-damaged wood. That being said, if your home’s structural wood has been negatively affected by a leak or source of water that has allowed its wood to become soft, termites are much more likely to settle down. Some other common factors that draw termites in include wood piles, organic debris, and high humidity.

Why Call For A Professional Inspection To Find Out If Your Home Has Termites

Because termites are a pest that invades wood, where they can easily go unnoticed, having your home inspected is vitally important. We will check your home from attic to basement to make sure it is termite-free. If you would like to go beyond this and invest in a professional termite prevention plan, we would be happy to find a solution that best suits your needs.

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