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Keeping Nuisance Pests Out Of Your Home And Lawn During The Late Summer

August 27, 2019

a black and red boxer elder bug crawling on a new jersey hallway floor durring late summer months

Summer is nearly over. The nights are getting cooler, school is back in session, and pretty soon it'll be time to pull your sweaters and jackets out of storage. You're not the only one noticing the change. Late summer is the time of year when pests begin to see the subtle differences in the weather and begin to take steps to prepare themselves for fall and winter. If you want to keep nuisance pests out of your home and off lawn this year, now is the time to take action.


What are Nuisance Pests and Why are They in My House?

Nuisance pests are not a danger to homeowners. While they won’t make you sick or destroy your house, they’re still unwelcome visitors that can cause minor inconveniences. Some nuisance pests you may be familiar with include:

While these pests all vary in appearance and habits, they all have a couple of things in common—none of them will harm you, and they often infest homes. The biggest trouble with these pests is that they tend to invade in large numbers. If you find one stink bug in your house, for instance, it might not be a big deal, but finding dozens is another story.

Nuisance pests generally get into homes in search of relief from the elements outside. Some of them, such as earwigs and silverfish, need secluded areas with a lot of moisture. If things get overly dry out, they might come in looking for damp, dark areas. Others, such as box elders and stink bugs, usually come inside when the weather starts to get cold. They'll gather on the sunny side of your house for warmth, then eventually find an entry point in your siding or along the foundation to get in.


How to Keep Nuisance Pests Out of Your Home

The best way to keep nuisance pests out of your home is to seal all cracks, holes, and gaps around the exterior. Check the foundation and siding carefully for areas that need sealing or repairing. Look around your windows and doors for gaps. Check your screens for tears or holes.

If pests do get in, or if you know you have a lot of them on your property and want to take preventative action, contact Arrow Pest Control. Our comprehensive treatment plan will eliminate your nuisance pest problem and prevent them from returning. Contact us to learn more.

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