How To Keep Stink Bugs Out This Fall

With a few weeks to go before the official arrival of fall, you might be thinking it’s too soon to be thinking about stink bugs or worrying about these pests infesting your home but trust us when we tell you that now is the time to take action against these fall pests.  Otherwise, you’ll be sharing your home with stink bugs this winter.

A little background on stink bugs in New Jersey

Brown marmorated stink bugs were first detected in Allentown, PA in the 90s. It is believed they arrived in a shipping container as they are native to Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Beijing. Unfortunately, these pests spread to mid-Atlantic states including New Jersey in the years following.

Since arriving in New Jersey, they have been an agricultural pest feeding on and destroying ornamental plants, fruit trees, and crops.

What adult stink bugs look like?

Like other stink bugs, brown marmorated stink bugs have shield shaped bodies. They’re coloring is often described as mottled brownish-grey but it should be notice that the abdominal segments that protrude from under their wings have black and white bands.

Why stink bugs move inside as the seasons start to change

Shorter days and dropping temperatures are the seasonal cues that cause stink bugs to start searching for overwintering sites. Not content to spend winter outside, these pests will move indoors preferring to share our warm homes.

What you can do to keep stink bugs out of your home

If you don’t want to spend the winter with thousands (literally) of stink bugs hiding in wall voids, cracks, and other places in your home, you should take action now. While it’s always a good idea to seal gaps, cracks, and openings as well as install weather stripping and sweeps to doors to keep insects out, Arrow Pest Control has another solution for stink bugs.

Stink bug control from the local pest control pros at Arrow

That’s right, Arrow Pest Control offers stink bug control and prevention services in Paramus, Roseland, and Edison as well as throughout our multi-county service area that stop stink bugs from infesting before they’re on the search for a winter retreat.

In fact, our friendly customer service representatives start scheduling stink bugs services mid-summer in order to get ahead of this particular seasonal pest problem. Our stink bug control services include an exterior treatment to prohibit these pests from moving indoors and exclusion work that makes sure all potential entry points are sealed off!

Do you need stink bug treatment?

The thing about stink bugs is that they are not dangerous to human health or property. Also, they will not reproduce in your home over the winter. They are bugs though and bugs can attract other pests. You understand where we’re going with this. Plus, who wants to share their space with insects if they can prevent it?

Servicing Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, and Union counties, Arrow is ready to help you stop these uninvited houseguests from getting inside. Reach out today to schedule your stink bug treatment!

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