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Preventing Late-Summer Spider Infestations In New Jersey

August 22, 2019

a common but creepy looking house spider crawling along the panelled walls of a new jersy home in late summer

Summer is wrapping up and you’re getting ready to send the kids back to school. You now hope to regain some semblance of order to your home after a few months of the chaos that comes with having them home all day. But if during your reorganization efforts you start to notice a bunch of spider webs or the spiders themselves, you’re going to have a hard time getting your home to stay as clean as you’d like it. Your best bet is to prevent a late summer spider infestation in your New Jersey home.


Why are Spiders Getting Into Your New Jersey Home?

Spiders get into homes for a variety of reasons, but most fall into a few categories.


First, they may be looking for food. While outside food sources are usually plentiful for spiders, if they're scarce for some reason, they may come inside to try to find food. They may also end up inside by accident while hunting food and will decide to stay if they find any.


Spiders may also come inside while looking for water if there is a dry spell and they can't find what they need outside.


Finally, spiders may get inside looking for shelter. If there’s a late summer heat wave, it could drive them in when looking for cooler temperatures. If fall arrives a bit early, they may come inside for warmth. If it gets too dry or too wet outside, they may come in looking for relief from the elements.


How to Prevent Late Summer Spider Infestations in Your New Jersey Home

  • The first step to preventing spiders from getting into your home is to block the entry points. Most spiders are little and can fit through small areas, so it's important to do a careful inspection of the outside of your house and to seal up all openings, including cracks, holes, gaps, and tears.
  • It also helps to cut back foliage from your house so that no branches, flowers, or plants touch the sides. Spiders often use these areas as "bridges" to find their way inside.
  • Reducing clutter inside the house can also help. Spiders often prefer secluded areas to hide or live in, so the fewer of these areas you have, the less likely they are to stay.
  • Spiders also need moisture, so reducing humidity with a dehumidifier is a good investment. Also, check for leaky pipes, as these will cause moisture issues.


What to Do if Spiders are in Your New Jersey Home

If you do end up with a lot of spiders, professional treatment is a great way to go. Sometimes a spider problem is an indication of another pest problem. Getting it taken care of right away by professionals who are trained to notice signs of other infestations can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Arrow Pest Control has the experience and equipment to take care of your spider problem quickly. Contact us to schedule an appointment and get your house back to the way you like it.

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