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Putting An End To Winter Rodent Problems In New Jersey Homes 

November 28, 2019

a house mouse infesting the new jersey home during winter season

Nights are getting longer and the holiday season is just around the corner, but these crafty critters won’t give you much reason to celebrate. 
Rodent infestations usually begin innocuously enough. Small noises in the walls and the attic, and maybe a few pellets of excrement popping up in dark, quiet places. But before long, gnaw marks start to appear on furniture and wall corners. Food might be broken into. Holes might start appearing in your floors and walls, and foul odors will waft across the house. Once rodents get a foothold in your home, nesting will continue for the winter season, and litters will be born, perhaps as often as five to ten times in a year. As the weather begins to tip towards freezing, rodents will stop at nothing to scramble into a nice warm home.   
As you might imagine, having rodents in a home can lead to critical issues, including hazardous diseases and extensive property damage. Illnesses such as hantavirus can spread through the urine and fecal matter of a rodent, with water droplets in the air infecting unsuspecting victims. Rodents are adept at climbing into even the smallest spaces, and will do whatever they can to claw, scratch, chew, and bite their way into a potential breeding site. This can cost homeowners hundreds of dollars in repairs.


Mice and Rodents and Squirrels Oh My!

No single method can deter rodents from winter nesting in your home, but following these simple tips can help to keep you safe through the cold months and beyond.

  • Keep food stored properly to prevent easily accessible food sources from luring rodents to the home. 
  • Food messes should be cleaned up promptly and thoroughly, with great care taken to remove spills and crumbs from surfaces. Even if they don’t look like much of a meal, rats and mice will gladly eat up your leftovers. 
  • Cracks and gaps in foundations let rodents squirm into the home with ease. Fill these areas as soon as you spot them, checking regularly for needed repairs. 

Should rodents find a way into your home, regardless of your preparations, reach out to a seasoned professional for help.


Eradicate Rodents the Arrow Way

Having any kind of rodent infestation in the home can prove to be physically and mentally taxing for homeowners in New Jersey. Once they have begun to settle down, it’s surprisingly difficult to rid your house of rats and mice for good. While some types of traps can help to reduce populations, DIY alone won’t necessarily get rid of all breeding pairs that have infested. For true rodent elimination that can’t be beat, contact the pros at Arrow Pest Control today. 
With some of the best equipment and highest education, Arrow delivers exemplary service with speed, skill, and professionalism. For a free home estimate or comprehensive inspection of your property, contact our office today.  

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