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Termite Swarming Season Is Upon Us

April 26, 2017

termite swarmers in new jersey

Spring is in full swing which means only one thing - termite swarms are occurring every day all across New Jersey. Termites are tiny, but they are mighty and by working together they are capable of causing massive amounts of damages to homes and properties in New Jersey and are responsible for billions of dollars’ worth of damages all across the country. At Arrow Pest Control we want to provide you with the what, when, and who of termite swarms so that you can protect your home and property from these destructive pests.

What is a termite swarm?

A termite swarm occurs to expand the termite colony and relieve the pressures that come along with a large, mature colony, including space and food shortages. Termites that swarm from the colony try to avoid predators, mate and create a new colony of their own.

When do termite swarms occur?

Termite swarms in New Jersey occur in the spring from March through May. Termite swarms generally occur on a warm sunny day following a rainstorm. The warmth, light, and moisture trigger the termites to swarm from their colony.

Who is involved in a termite swarm?

Termites aren’t always winged, in fact the bulk of termites living and working in the colony are very small, soft-bodied and are pale in color. When the queen decides it is time to relieve pressure in her colony she allows reproductives to be produced; reproductives are larger in size, black, hard-bodied, and winged (although they quickly lose their wings after swarming).

A termite swarm usually only lasts a few minutes (they lose their wings quickly) and can easily be missed; luckily they do leave behind other signs.

  • Swarmers crawling on either interior or exterior walls.

  • Piles of wings found inside or outside underneath of doors and windows.

  • Piles of wings or dead termites on decks, porches, and walkways.

If you notice signs of a termite swarm, or even just suspect a termite swarm, quick action needs to be taken and a professional termite inspection should be completed. Finding evidence of a termite swarm inside of your home means that there may be an active colony inside your home that is feeding on its structural wood. While finding evidence of a termite swarm outside your home means that there is probably a termite colony nearby and the likelihood of them invading your home to use as a food source is very high!

At Arrow Pest Control our termite control professionals don’t just know termites, they KNOW termites, they are trained to completely understand termite biology and habits helping to ensure that Arrow is always providing the most effective termite control in New Jersey. Get started protecting your New Jersey property from termites today by scheduling a free onsite termite evaluation; after one of our technicians performs a thorough interior and exterior inspection they will report their findings and provide you with termite control estimate which includes information on how we’ll treat, where we’ll treat and the cost.

Contact us today to find out more information about Arrow Pest Control’s effective termite control services!

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