Termite Swarms In NJ

When To Expect Termite Swarms & What To Do If You See One

Picture this, you’re sitting in your living room enjoying a good book or watching a show. You happen to glance out the window only to see thousands of winged bugs in the air. While it might be disconcerting it is also a very common sight in the springtime in New Jersey.  It’s a termite swarm.  Read on to learn more about this phenomenon. 

What is a termite swarm?

Eastern subterranean termites are the species of termites most commonly found in New Jersey. They live in underground colonies that consist of thousands of members.  In order to establish new termite colonies, winged termites emerge from the ground and take to the air in a giant swarm. They have one goal - to find a mate and reproduce. 

Where do termite swarms occur?

If you witness a termite swarm outside, that simply means that there is an existing termite colony somewhere nearby. It might be on your property or even a neighboring one. Unfortunately, termite swarms can also occur inside. If this happens, you may not see the actual swarm but find discarded wings on the floor and around windowsills.  A swarm inside means that you’re already dealing with a termite infestation.  We’ll discuss this more in depth below.  

When do termites swarm in New Jersey?

The onset of termite swarming season coincides with the arrival of warmer weather, typically late February or March. Termite swarms may continue through June and even into July. This year, termite swarms have already been reported in Middlesex county as well as other counties in New Jersey. 

As for the time of day, winged termites or swarmers emerge from their colonies during daylight hours usually on a warm day after a rainfall.  

What to do if termites are swarming near you

If termites have swarmed outside your home or business, that does not necessarily mean that termites have already infested. On the other hand, if a termite swarm has occurred inside your structure, you very likely have an active termite infestation present.  In either situation, the best of course of action is to contact a local pest control company that specializes in New Jersey termite control and prevention.  Left un-treated, a termite infestation will only grow and the damage these wood destroying pests cause can be significant. 

How Arrow protects New Jersey homes and businesses from termites

At Arrow Pest Control, we understand how destructive and costly termites can be and offer comprehensive termite treatments that get rid of termites and prevents new activity from occurring. 

Before we treat the problem, we’ll make sure termites are the culprit.  Oftentimes termite swarmers are mistaken for winged ants and vice versa. Accurate identification is a must in order to treat the pest correctly and completely. 

Utilizing America’s #1 termite defense product, Termidor®, one of our highly trained and licensed technicians will treat along the perimeter of your structure to create a zone of protection that termites don’t stand a chance against.  To ensure the effectiveness of our termite treatments, a tech will return after 90 to verify that your termite problem has been eliminated. 

What’s more, when you choose Arrow Pest Control as your termite control provider, you’ll receive a one-year renewable termite warranty that you can also transfer if you sell your property. 

Providing residential and commercial termite control solutions in Morganville, Montclair, Union, and throughout our service area, our team is committed to helping our neighbors protect their properties. Contact Arrow Pest Control today to learn more or to schedule your service!

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