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The Impact American Cockroaches Can Have On Restaurants

November 15, 2017

cockroach found in restaurant

Owning a restaurant is challenging. There are many circumstances which could cause your restaurant to fail – from setting up in the wrong location, to having a bad menu, to having staff that isn't as friendly as they should be, to general dirtiness. But the fastest cause of a restaurant going out of business is probably the result of a customer spotting a cockroach. If a customer sees a cockroach in your restaurant, you can bet they will tell everyone they know, and maybe even leave a negative review on Yelp!, Facebook, or other social media platforms. A single roach sighting can damage your reputation and put you out of business in a blink of an eye. One of the most common roaches you'll come across in the United States is the aptly named American cockroach.

American Cockroaches

Adult American cockroaches may be over three inches long. They're reddish brown and have a yellow band around their head. Male and female American cockroaches have wings and can fly. Outdoors, they live in flowerbeds and under mulch, and any areas they can find that is warm and damp. They can also be found in the sewer systems of many cities. American cockroaches find their way into homes and restaurants in search of water and food. They can walk right under doors if the weather stripping has been damaged, or they can come in through open basement windows, garages, or through window screens that have rips or holes in them. Once inside, the cockroaches will look under appliances, in kitchen cabinets, on the floor, and in your drain for sources of food and water. A restaurant is an ideal place for a cockroach to live as it tends to have abundant sources of both water and food.

Health Concerns of American Cockroaches in Restaurants

It's likely no surprise that cockroaches, American or otherwise, are a big no-no in the restaurant business. Even so, it's important to realize the potential devastation that even a single sighting can indicate. Cockroaches can spread diseases to humans and contaminate food and food preparation areas – causing illness to humans. For individuals with allergies, cockroaches can trigger allergic symptoms and asthma. Cockroaches crawl through areas full of bacteria, and the germs are transferred everywhere they walk. As they walk across food preparation surfaces, they leave a trail of germs that can contaminate food. And adding to the bad news, the chances are very likely that if you've seen one roach, there are many more unseen in the vicinity. Health inspectors can shut a restaurant down at the sight of cockroaches, as they can cause diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, viral diseases, and typhoid fever.

Managing a Cockroach Infestation

Successfully eliminating cockroaches from your restaurant requires that you know the type of cockroach causing the infestation, and quite often a determined, systematic approach that leaves no chance of the roaches surviving or returning. Arrow Pest Control technicians can identify whether you have American cockroaches or some other type of cockroaches in your restaurant, and begin working on a plan that will fit your needs specifically. We specialize in keeping homes and businesses pest-free and are standing by to eliminate your infestation and help prevent future pest infestations such as cockroaches from occurring. Don't let the challenge that roaches present weigh you down. Call Arrow pest and let us give you the pest-free business your hard work deserves.

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