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Things Every Homeowner Can Do To Discourage Cockroaches

February 8, 2018

cockroach in new jersey home

If you have ever had the pleasure of discovering that your home has been invaded by cockroaches, then we don't have to tell you just how horrifying an experience this can be. While there are numerous types of cockroaches here in New Jersey, among the most common are German, Oriental, American, brown banded and Pennsylvania wood cockroaches. But we will just give a little information about the first three.

Among the most problematic roaches, anywhere in the world, are German cockroaches. These roaches grow to be around a half of an inch, and they are tan in color. German roaches have wings but are barely able to fly. Preferring to live indoors, these roaches are commonly found in restaurants, hotels, motels and, of course, homes.

Oriental cockroaches are usually about an inch long and black in color. Many times these cockroaches will be found in very dirty areas like the sewer and in the garbage, as they travel through these undesirable places it is common for them to carry pathogens and germs that can make us very sick.

American cockroaches (Periplaneta americana) is one of the largest roaches you will see in this state. They can grow to be as large as 2 inches in length and are often called a "waterbug." While they do like moist areas, they actually do not swim.

The Problems With Cockroaches

  • Cockroaches affect asthma. The droppings, shed parts, and saliva of roaches can cause asthmatic reactions.

  • Cockroaches are linked to stomach illness. Dragging bacteria from dumpster and sewers to your kitchen counters and food storage areas is a recipe for illness.

  • Cockroaches sometimes bite humans. If they are hungry enough, roaches will venture out at night to nibble on eyelashes or dead skin. This can cause red swollen areas, due to the harmful bacteria the roaches transfer.

  • Cockroaches are linked to diseases such as dysentery, cholera, leprosy, plague, typhoid fever, and viral diseases such as poliomyelitis.

  • Cockroaches can carry eggs of parasitic worms.

Cockroach Prevention Tips

  • Keep all trash stored in tightly-sealed containers.

  • Clean your home of all food crumbs and spills.

  • Keep compost piles well away from your home.

  • Keep things as dry as possible, removing water sources, inside and out, for roaches and other pests to use.

  • Keep vegetation trimmed back away from your foundation.

  • Keep lawn clutter to a minimum.

  • Seal up any gaps, cracks, or holes in your foundation and walls.

  • Partner with a professional pest control company.

There is a difference between keeping roaches out of your New Jersey home and getting them out once they have invaded. While it may be possible to keep them out (if you are vigilant) getting them out is much more difficult. However, partnering with Arrow Pest Control makes it easy. Arrow Pest Control is family-owned and family-run, serving New Jersey homes and businesses for over 40 years. Reach out to Arrow Pest Contol for help today. Cockroach-free is the only way to be.

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