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Watch Out for Termite Swarmers This Spring

March 27, 2019

a swarm of damaging termites chewing on a wooden structure on a new jersey home

Everyone knows that termites are not a pest you want around your home, but if you don’t know much about termites, you might be a bit unclear about why they’re so dangerous. Below we discuss the problems termites cause and why you need to watch out for termite swarmers this spring.


Why You Don’t Want Termites In or Around Your Home

If you’ve ever seen a termite, you were probably struck by how unthreatening it looked. Termites are small and almost ant-like in appearance. Could something so little do any real damage?

Despite what they look like, termites are a major problem and can cause unbelievable damage if left to their own devices. In fact, in the United States alone, termites cost home and business owners over $5 billion every year.

How do they get away with it? They live their lives in stealth mode. It is very rare to see a termite out in the open. They spend almost their entire lives either underground or within the wood structures in homes. Even when they venture outside, they move through mud tubes so that their bodies don’t dry out.

When they get into your home, termites will quietly eat tunnels through the wood structures in your home. Over time, their colonies will grow, new colonies will be established, and the damage will eventually get to the point where your house is no longer safe to live in.


Why You Need to Watch Out for Termite Swarmers This Spring

How can you deal with a pest that is so destructive and so hard to spot? One way is to watch out for termite swarmers this spring. One of the only chances you have to see termites out in the open is when swarmer termites, also known as reproductive termites, come out to mate. A group of these termites will come out in the open for a short period of time in order to find a mate. They then shed their wings and go back into hiding to start new colonies.

If you see a termite swarm, or if you find a pile of their discarded wings, you’ve been given a sure sign that there is a termite colony somewhere nearby. It is also a sign that new colonies are about to be formed.


What to Do if You See a Termite Swarm

Seeing a termite swarm or their discarded wings requires immediate action. While it would be nice if swarmers came out early in a colony’s creation, unfortunately, the presence of termite swarmers means that there is already a very large colony that is thriving. That’s why you need to call Arrow Pest Control as soon as you see one in order to prevent further damage. 

Arrow offers free termite inspections that not only look for signs of termite damage but also check for conditions around your home that would attract termites. Based on our findings, we’ll come up with a treatment plan that makes sense for your individual termite situation. We’ll fully explain how and where we plan to treat (as well as the cost of the treatment) before we go any further.

We offer termite protection on its own, as well as bundled with other pest protection through our Arrow Premier plan. See what’s right for you by scheduling your free inspection today.

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