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What Are My Termite Treatment Options In New Jersey?

April 15, 2019

termite colony on a ground

New Jersey is home to millions of people and multi-millions of pests. Termites are among the long list of pests that New Jersey residents have to deal with all year long, and they are also one of the most destructive pests on that list. The good news is that there are a wide variety of termite treatment options for you to choose from to keep your New Jersey property protected this year. However, not all treatments work the same way, and it pays to know how each termite treatment works to ensure you select the right one for your home. Arrow Pest Control offers effective liquid treatment options that are proven to work, but here’s how liquid treatments stand up against another commonly used termite treatment option—bait.

The Pros and Cons Of Termite Treatment Options

The most common and effective ways people choose to treat termites with are liquid treatments and bait station treatments. However, for each of them, there are some pros and cons you’ll want to know first before selecting one treatment method.

Bait stations require no drilling or trenching and they work by providing a small amount of bait in stations all around the perimeter of your property. If termites come to visit, your pest professional will know. Once termites are detected, the bait is replaced by a more potent bait, which is then spread to the rest of the colony to slowly eliminate termites and their queen. However, this method does not keep termites from deciding to munch on the structural components of your home, and it can take up to six months to destroy an entire colony. 

Termidor liquid treatments used by Arrow’s experienced termite specialists are always active and always potent, and work to eliminate termite colonies immediately. Termidor is also an eco-friendly treatment option, meaning that you can keep both the environment and your home protected while ensuring that termites do not return to your property. The Termidor liquid treatments can effectively eliminate a colony in about three months, which is half the time it takes for baiting stations to work.

How Arrow Can Help With Your Termite Problem

Arrow Pest Control has what it takes to help establish a barrier between your home and the destructive behaviors and habits of a termite infestation. Our pest technicians are certified and qualified to give you the quality pest control you deserve, which is why we offer only the best treatment options available. Contact Arrow Pest Control today to learn more about why our treatment options work, and how they can benefit your home.

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