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What Are These Big, Hairy, Scary Spiders In New Jersey?

November 26, 2019

a wolf spider crawling along the window of a new jersey home

Even if you’ve never seen one of these giant spiders before, you won’t have any trouble identifying their two-inch bodies when they pop up! 
Wolf spiders are dark or tan arachnids covered in a layer of thick hair. Unlike other types of arachnids, these creatures prefer to live a nomadic life and avoid spinning webs to live in. Perhaps the most surprising element about these creatures is their excellent parenting, carrying babies on their backs until they are ready to strike out on their own. 
A wolf spider's venom doesn't usually harm humans unless they have a very specific allergy to spider bites. Regardless, they rarely bite unless cornered and then only leave small red bumps on the skin that heal within a few days. Wolf spiders don't usually come inside homes, but when they do, they tend to stay for long periods of time.

Shoo Away the Spiders

No homeowner wants these scary-looking spiders hanging around their house, no matter how gentle these arachnids may be. Here are some prevention tips that work to prevent wolf spider invasions all year long.

  • Seal up cracks, crevices, rips, or gaps that lead from the outside world into your home. Wolf spiders are nimble tiny creatures that need very little room to wriggle into the interior of a building. 
  • A neat yard is a pest-controlled yard! Keep hedges trimmed, trees pruned, and flowers and other vegetation away from the house’s foundation. 
  • Wolf spiders prey on other insects like crickets and ants, which may be finding passages into your home. Stopping the spread of these nuisance creatures will help to cut down on wolf spider populations dramatically.

If wolf spiders are still showing up around the home, it may be time to schedule a thorough inspection with a knowledgeable professional to identify the root cause.

Make Your Pest Bust a Success with Arrow

Wolf spiders might be the closest thing to ‘tame’ you can get out in the wild, but that doesn’t mean you should entertain them and their offspring in your home. In fact, their keen senses and predatory nature might be the first sign of a separate pest infestation that requires immediate attention. To get rid of wolf spiders or the pests that attracted them in the first place, contact Arrow Pest Control today. 
Serving our New Jersey residents with some of the best service on the East Coast, Arrow makes inspecting, trapping, abating, and eliminating household pests a breeze. With years of experience serving the community with affordable pest solutions, Arrow Pest Control is one of the leading experts on wolf spider control. Give us a call today and speak with a professional about your wolf spider-control options and how we can best serve you. 

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