What To Do If You Discover House Mice In Your New Jersey Home This Winter

They may be tiny, but house mice are anything but a small problem. It’s a common story. New Jersey residents think, as we settle into the winter season, that pests are all hibernating or dying off. But the truth is, many pests pose the greatest threat to households at this time of year. As winter sets in, animals seek shelter inside homes and businesses, not only for warmth and protection from the elements but for available food and water, too. To be free of pests, homeowners need to take preventative measures and utilize professional solutions.

children inside during winter months

House Mice Identification

While they share some traits and are sometimes hard to differentiate from other rodents, such as roof rats, house mice have several key characteristics to look for:

  • Shape & Size: Mice are usually only a few inches in length and can be brown or gray in color. They have angular, short snouts, unlike the long, pointed faces of rats.
  • Large, round ears: Unlike rats, which have small ears that are tucked back on their heads, mice have larger, round ears that rest right atop their heads.
  • Long, slender tails: Mice tails have small hairs along them and are usually longer than the length of their bodies.

Where They Are Found Inside

Mice are good at hiding, and they choose places in the home that are out of the way and safe from prying eyes. They tend to like dark, tight spaces, meaning attics and crawlspaces are areas where they are often spotted. It also helps to know what attracts them inside in the first place:

  • Warmth: Like all rodents, mice are warm-blooded and need to fight off the cold in order to stay alive. They make their way indoors to stay out of the elements.
  • Food: Mice can chew through food packaging and salvage the smallest crumbs left behind on floors and countertops.
  • Water: Since they need to stay hydrated, mice are often not far from ready sources of moisture. Leaking pipes, humid areas, and waterlogged wood are all attractants.

Small Pests, Big Problems

Now that we know what they look like and where to find them, you may be wondering what harm a few little mice can do. Make no mistake, appearances can be deceiving. Mice, like all rodents, have ever-growing front teeth. They must file them to keep them at a manageable length, and they do this by chewing on anything and everything. They gnaw through wood, electrical wiring, construction fastenings and a host of other common household items. 
Not only can mice do damage with their teeth, they are known carriers of some of the most serious diseases out there: plague, hantavirus and salmonella, to name just a few. Rodents also carry around other pests, like lice and ticks, which can carry other diseases like Lyme Disease. Aside from physical and biological harm, rodents can create foul odors in the home as they leave droppings behind and generally live in squalor.

To Hit The Target, Call Arrow Today

The last thing anyone wants to be doing during the wintertime is chasing down elusive and pervasive pests. Rather than worrying yourself by spending time, energy, and money on methods that may not work, turn to professional solutions at the first signs of a rodent infestation. Don’t try to go it alone, turn to the experts at Arrow Pest Control for effective rodent extermination.

Mary F.


‟Recommended to us by neighbors, Arrow arrived promptly to treat our new to us home. The house is built on a slab which small ants love to nest in.

Their program is such that they return til the problem is solved. Today was their third visit. Steve was very thorough, professional and had a great sense of humor. I am hoping not to see him again this season! I would recommend based on our current relationship.
Mary F.
Lakewood, NJ
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