What To Do When Spiders Jump In New Jersey 

If you thought that spiders were creepy all on their own, get ready for this spring-loaded arachnid that can jump twenty-five times its own length in any direction it chooses.

There are over 6,000 unique species of jumping spider, with white markings on their black, tan, brown, and/or gray color variations. Their compact bodies, incredible eyesight, and eight powerful legs allow them to hold their place as one of the most successful insect predators in a yard. Jumping spiders are active during the day, enjoying the warmth and bright sunshine they need to function. Compared to other arachnids, jumping spiders prefer to crawl slowly, conserving their energy to make agile, precise, and frankly impressive jumps from surface to surface. 

Jumping spiders are usually identified by their characteristic central eye locations, a sign that this species of arachnid isn’t harmful or deadly. All spiders have some sort of venom, but most (like the jumping spider) will not affect a healthy individual (if they choose to bite at all). Jumping spiders are often brought inside by accident by a human or animal, riding on shoes and fur until they have a chance to hop off. 


jumping spider in monmouth county, nj

Some spider prevention tips 

Jumping spiders are not dangerous to humans, but they can be detrimental to your peace of mind and sense of security. To keep jumping spiders out of your house where they belong, follow these simple steps

  • Inspect the outside of your home for possible entry points such as cracks, rips, tears, or gaps. Fix what you can on your own by sealing and caulking along walls, windows, and doors, but don’t be afraid to call in a reputable local company for additional repairs.
  • Inspect all items coming into the house from outside, especially those that have been left outside for long periods of time. Camping equipment, bicycles, seasonal decorations, plants, and other related objects are most at risk.
  • Jumping spiders love to hide in tall grass, overgrown shrubs, and unattended garden plants. Mow your lawn frequently, taking care to prune back plants that are close to or near the sides of your home.

Jumping spiders are agile and may find their way into a home regardless of preventative measures taken. If you're concerned about spider activity on your property, reach out to a qualified pest control company. 

Spot a spider? Arrow can help 

Jumping spiders are masters of disguise and may go unnoticed for long periods of time should an infestation occur. The best way to be sure that spiders won't be jumping out around your home is to contact the professionals at Arrow Pest Control. 

Serving New Jersey for over four decades and counting, Arrow is proud to offer free initial home inspections for everyone. Get in contact with us today to learn more about how we can best serve you regarding your spider control needs and beyond.

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