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When Are Ticks Most Active In New Jersey?

July 9, 2019

a very small black legged deer tick crawling along the bare skin of a new jersy resident

If you were out walking, and you saw a sign that said “Caution: Minefield Ahead,” you would turn around and walk back to where you came from - correct? There isn’t any chance you would risk your life, even if it meant you might get to your destination faster; coming upon tall grass that could potentially have ticks is similar.

We know that comparing ticks in the grass to mines in a field is a little bit of an extreme, but if you consider how dangerous some of the diseases that ticks spread can be, it becomes a little less extreme of a comparison. Today, we will be helping you understand a little more about ticks and giving you some of the tools needed to properly fight back!

Typical seasonality for ticks

Ticks are interesting creatures, in that their season changes by their species. Where many tick species are a late spring and summer pest due to their inability to function in colder weather, other species - such as the deer tick - can survive through the coldest months of winter; the only thing that is affected is their speed. This means that taking your dog for a walk in the snow still holds a small chance of a tick bite.

Tips to mitigate your risk of a tick bite

When it comes to treating ticks in New Jersey, there are two sides: protecting yourself, and protecting your property. Protecting yourself can be done fairly easily with only a small hit to your fashion; that is to say, the best way you can avoid ticks while on the go is by wearing long pants with your socks pulled up on the outside of them. This creates a barrier that greatly lessens your chances of having a tick crawl up and bite you for a snack. Another thing you can do to protect yourself is to avoid tick-friendly areas, such as areas of long grass and heavy foliage.

As for protecting your property, there are two major things you can do. The first thing is keeping your yard clutter-free and properly kept. This includes regular mowing and trimming of bushes and shrubs. The second thing you can do is invest in professional pest control, as this is the best way to turn your yard and property into a tick-free zone.

Why call Arrow for your tick prevention needs

Finding someone who offers tick control is easy; finding someone who can get the job done right with honesty and integrity is much harder. Here at Arrow Pest Control, we pride ourselves on jobs done right and pest technicians you can depend upon. 

Our service representatives are ready to find your solution. If you are interested in mosquito and tick control in what our services could do for your property, give us a call today!

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