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When Is Flea Season In Morganville, NJ?

May 9, 2019

a family of fleas infesting a curly long haired pet dog in morganville new jersey

In the Morganville, New Jersey area, flea season is primarily in the summer. This isn’t to say that fleas can’t be found at other times of the year, but they are most active in the warmer months. It’s important to take flea prevention steps as summer approaches. Keeping your family and pets flea free will make you all enjoy the summer without the nagging bites and itchy problems that fleas can cause. If fleas do become a problem or you want to prevent them, it’s a good idea to consider professional treatment.

Seasonality for Fleas

Like many pests, fleas are cold-blooded and they slow down or die off in the winter. If they have found a warm host they can survive through the cold months, but you are less likely to be plagued with large infestations during this time of year. As the temperature warms up, fleas become more active. 

Fleas on your Property in Summer

Your pets are likely to be in greater contact with fleas in the summer months. As they run around the yard and roll in the grass, they are more likely to pick up fleas. You may think that if you don’t have pets that you are not at risk for flea infestations but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Fleas also infest other animals such as squirrels, mice, and rats. If these rodents are getting into your home, they can bring fleas with them.

Why Prevention Matters Now as Summer Approaches

It’s much easier to prevent fleas than it is to get rid of an infestation. Taking measures now can save you a big headache come summer. Follow the recommendations from your veterinarian for flea prevention for your pets. For your home, take standard precautions to keep rodents and other flea-carrying pests out. Seal up cracks, install door sweeps, repair screens, keep food stored property, remove trash, and vacuum frequently to help reduce the risk of attracting pests with fleas.

Why Get Professional Treatment for Fleas  

While you may take precautions to prevent fleas around your Morganville, NJ home this spring, you may still find yourself with a flea infestation. Fleas are extremely difficult to get rid of as they are so small and reproduce quickly. Their eggs, if left to hatch, can perpetuate your flea problem.

At Arrow Pest Control, we offer residential service that includes flea prevention. Should you find yourself with a flea infestation we will work with you to get rid of the problem. Our company has over 40 years’ experience and will partner with you to protect your family from the dangers of fleas.

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