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Which Cockroach Is Plaguing Your New Jersey Home & Does It Make A Difference?     

October 15, 2019

an american cockroach scurrying accross a new jersey basement floor

With six legs, folded wings, and a voracious appetite, these insects are pure nightmare fuel with zero redeeming qualities for homeowners everywhere.

Cockroaches are serious and dangerous pests that should be exterminated right away. Here in New Jersey, there are five different kinds of roaches that cause problems for homeowners: American, Brown-banded, German, Oriental, and Pennsylvania Wood cockroaches. 

Depending on the type of roach plaguing your New Jersey home, you may have different extermination needs that should be discussed with your local pest control technician.


Which Roach is Which? 

Knowledge is power, and knowing what kind of roach is infesting your home can help you make more educated decisions on how to move forward. Just one of these roaches is enough to pose serious ramifications to homeowners and should be dealt with immediately upon discovery. 

  • The American cockroach is the biggest of the common cockroaches, measuring in at a whopping two inches in length. Although it's called the ‘American’ roach, it can be found all over the world. These dark-reddish brown insects are capable of flying but rarely do, opting instead to stay closer to the warm, moist ground. The American roach’s affinity for water means that basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and crawl spaces are all suspect to infestation. 

  • The Brown-banded cockroach is smaller than its 'American' counterpart, but that doesn’t make this species any less dangerous. Needing less water, brown-banded roaches can be widely distributed throughout the home, not only in moist places. Although not often found in restaurants and businesses, once this roach gets into these places, he won’t leave easily.

  • German cockroaches are often found in restaurants, hotels, and food-processing businesses rather than homes because of their appetite. Barely able to fly, they love to eat meat, sugar, and the fatty foods often kept in commercial buildings.

  • Oriental cockroaches, also known as black beetles, are flightless, slow-moving roaches with distinguishable beetle-like features. Their black-shelled bodies emit a powerful odor that cause nausea or vomiting in some individuals.

  • Pennsylvania Wood cockroaches are often found in open timber areas, sneaking their way into homes by hiding under firewood bark. These roaches are dark brown in color with yellow margins, varying little from roach to roach. Males will fly to find a female during the mating season, but their light wings are unable to support their body weight for extended periods of time. 


Arrow’s Ready to Remove Your Roaches 

Regardless of the species you have, all cockroaches are pests that spread bacteria, contaminate food, and are difficult to eliminate using DIY methods alone. The best way to deal with roaches before their infestations become unmanageable is to contact the knowledgeable and professional team at Arrow, the pest control experts you need for actionable treatments and certain results. 


Call us today to schedule your free inspection and learn more about what we can do to make your home pest-free now and in the years to come.

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