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Why Call Arrow About Spring Ant Problems

March 11, 2019

a swarm of carpenter ants creating extensive damage on new jersey property

Why Call Arrow About Spring Ant Problems

The weather is warming up again here in New Jersey which means seasonal pests will be out and about before we know it. This is the time of year when ants reappear, and there’s no doubt that we have a lot of them in New Jersey. No matter the type you find bothering you here’s why to call Arrow Pest Control about spring ant problems.

The Types of Ants That Might Give You Problems

Ants fall into several categories.
  • Nuisance ants won’t harm you or cause any substantial damage to your home but, as the name suggests, they will be a bother to you. Nuisance ants may or may not take up residence in your home, but they’ll probably get inside in search of food and can contaminate the foods they get into. You’ll often find them traveling the same path to a sugary food source over and over again.
  • Bacteria-spreading ants, such as pharaoh ants, enjoy crawling through disease-infested areas, such as the garbage, before crawling across your counters or into your food. This leaves you susceptible to serious illnesses like salmonella.
  • Finally, there are destructive ants, like carpenter ants. These ants cause damage to the structures in which they live and move. Although they don’t actually eat wood, they do chew through it as they make tunnels. This damages the structural integrity of the wood, eventually causing major problems.

Why Ants Might be a Bigger Problem Than You Thought

While some ants are unlikely to try to wait out winter in your home, others would be more than happy to live within the warm walls you provide. They may live quietly within their nests in your walls all winter or they might remain active all year, quietly eating away at your support structures.
When spring arrives, some of the ants will make their way out of hiding. At this point, you might realize you have a bigger problem than just an ant or two making their way in from outside.

What to Do About a Spring Ant Problem

Whether you start seeing nuisance ants, bacteria-spreading ants, or destructive ants in your house, you’ll want to to get them out. The best way to do this is by calling Arrow Pest Control. We offer services to take care of any type of ant you might find in your house. Whether you need one-time ant control or prefer the peace of mind that comes with year-round pest control, we’ve got you covered.
Your house can stay ant-free this spring. Contact Arrow Pest Control to learn about our ant control services.

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