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June 7, 2019

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They’re ba-ack…

Termites in NJ, that is. This once-famous line to a horror movie pretty much sums up the real-life horror of termite infestations. Unfortunately, termites never really go away.  There more noticeable in the warmer months when they’re swarming and foraging but don’t dismiss the threat they pose to your property the rest of the year. Termites in New Jersey do not go away just because it gets colder.  That’s why termite protection is a must!

I’ll see termite damage though, right?

You might think that termite damage would be noticeable right away but that is incorrect.  These wood-destroying pests can be present in your home for years before you realize there’s a problem. That’s because subterranean termites carve tunnels inside wood, leaving the external grain intact. The damage they inflict is often hidden behind the walls not obvious to you. If left unchecked, termites will cause significant damage to your structure by feasting on every piece of wood they can find, from the studs to the framework. The longer you wait to remove them, the more damage the termites will do!

How do Arrow’s professionals track down termites in my walls?

Our certified pest control professionals have been trained extensively on these wood-destroying insects including how to track down termites in walls, in the soil, and elsewhere in and around structures.  We also have a proven process for identifying termite damage, treating termites, and of course, keeping termites away from the homes and businesses we protect. 

The goal of our comprehensive termite control services is to exterminate termites and prevent new termite activity from occurring.  What’s more, we’re so confident in our termite protection that we offer one-year renewable warranty against re-infestation.

Termite protection in New Jersey, you can count on

Don’t take our word for it, find out what customers in Montclair, South Orange, and throughout our New Jersey service area have to think about Arrow’s termite protection and pest control services. Here’s what Sandy had to say:

 Michael came to our house this morning to help us with a termite issue. He was very thorough, checking each area, and quickly gave us a reasonable estimate to resolve our issue and for preventative maintenance. Arrow was also able to get us in for a follow-up very quickly.”

We’re in business to service our customers, and with over one thousand 5-star pest control reviews, we’re very appreciative of folks who continue to put their faith in our company and the services we provide!

Please contact Arrow to learn about our termite control services or to schedule your termite inspection!


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