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Why Call Arrow For Termite Protection Before It's Too Late                                              

June 7, 2019

a professional pest control technician applying termite  treatment to a new jersey yard

They’re ba-ack…

This once-famous line to a horror movie pretty much sums up the real-life horror of termite infestations. Unfortunately, termites never really stop being active, since they can infest homes every season of the year. But termites mate in the spring. As soon as it gets warmer, a mature colony will produce termites with wings, giving them the ability to fly. These winged termites leave the nest, mate, and start new colonies. This is called swarming. Whether or not you see them, termites are active throughout the year and can cause hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damage.

Subterranean termites form tunnels inside wood, leaving the external grain intact. The damage they do can be hidden behind your walls, which is why it is important to have one of our highly experienced termite control professionals inspect your home and property.

If left unchecked, subterranean termites can destroy your home or business by feasting on every piece of wood they can find, from the studs to the framework. The longer you wait to remove them, the more damage the termites will do!

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

This statement couldn’t be truer when you’re thinking of buying or building a new home. The curb appeal isn’t the only thing buyers or builders should be concerned with. Being proactive and protecting your home against termites from the beginning is crucial in protecting your investment.

If you have a new home or business, or you are considering building one, check out our Termite Pre-Treatment Services. If you are buying a new home, now is the time to have your potential new home inspected before you buy. It can save you costly repairs down the road.

How Do Professionals Track Down Termites in My Walls?

  • We Have a Process of Finding Termites

  • A Process of Treating for Termites

  • A Perimeter Treatment

  • Permanent Termite Protection

Our certified pest control professionals can directly treat your walls and provide effective perimeter protection around your home to keep termites out. The goal of our termite treatments is to make sure that your home is protected. We also offer a one-year renewable warranty against re-infestation.

Be sure to read our previous post on Subterranean Termite Prevention Tips and remember, Arrow Pest Control is always here to help keep you and your family stay safe from the things that bug you.

Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we’re proud to receive such glowing reviews such as this one from Barbara: “The Arrow Exterminating staff is professional, efficient and accommodating. Making an appointment is never difficult. The service people come within the designated time of your appointment. They wear booties without being asked. They are very patient when it comes to listening to the customer and reassuring them that the situation will be assessed and under control quickly. I have been using Arrow for over 15 years and I'm never disappointed with their service.”

We’re in business to service our customers, and with over nine hundred 5-star reviews, we’re very appreciative of folks who continue to put their faith in our company and the services we provide!

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