Why Consider A Career At Arrow Pest Control?

Have you thought about making a change to your professional career, but are unsure where to go next? Pest management could be the perfect solution.

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Let’s take a look at the benefits a career in pest management can provide and why Arrow Pest Control should be your first choice when building a career in pest management.

Why choose a career in pest control?

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for a change, a pest service professional could be the career solution you’re looking for.

As a pest control professional, you’ll be visiting homes and businesses in your community to help them make their pest problems vanish. When residents have a pest problem, everything else in their lives gets put on hold. As a pest exterminator, you’ll help the clients you service regain their peace of mind.

Pest control is an engaging career built around solving your clients’ unique problems. Each stop on your route brings its challenges; every home is different, so every day is different. As such, pest control experts have the opportunity to work a customer-oriented, non-traditional job with lots of time spent in the field and not behind a desk.

Pest control is an industry with high career growth potential that will continue to expand in the coming years.

Why Arrow?

Arrow has been helping homeowners across the state of New Jersey remain pest-free for over 40 years by embracing a heavy internal focus on knowledge, passion, and commitment to family values. In that time, we’ve grown considerably and now provide pest services to over 120 cities across 8 counties. That growth is all thanks to our expert team.

At Arrow, our experience in the industry has helped us become experts at identifying talented potential team members. We then train them to become experts and provide them with the tools needed to solve all their customers’ pest pressures. We have developed an excellent reputation based on our success and commitment to the communities we serve, cultivating a customer base that keeps coming back.

Arrow employees enjoy:

  • The ability to solve problems for the clients they serve
  • Paid initial and ongoing training
  • Company-supplied vehicles and gas to get them where they need to go
  • Working for an Eco-conscious company that utilizes an environmentally-friendly approach to pest control
  • A positive work environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, vehicles, and technology
  • A management team focused on training all its employees to become experts in the field of pest control
  • Being part of a team that treats its members like a family, investing in their success
  • Extensive benefits including healthcare, disability, and life insurance policies as well as 401(k) retirement savings plans
  • Opportunity to form positive relationships with members of their local New Jersey community
  • Flexible hours and a healthy work-life balance, with more family-friendly hours than our competitors
  • The ability to work independently, while knowing that they’re part of a team that has their back
  • Opportunities to increase revenue by cross-selling services and training in how to do so
  • Commission incentives
  • A fulfilling career based on helping people

Arrow values long-lasting relationships with both our co-workers and clientele. Our employees enjoy great customer experiences because we equip them with the tools and knowledge to get the job done right.

When you join Arrow, we give you the tools to form a secure financial future. We’re a company that’s committed to continually improving our methods to stay relevant and stand out from the competition. As we continue to grow, we’re always looking for great new additions to the team.

Arrow Pest Control is elevating the field of pest control by focusing on the success and independence of the team it supports. Even if you’ve never worked in pest control before, Arrow Pest Control will support the training and education needed to become a certified pest control professional.

Interested in joining the team?

Experience a job that allows you to genuinely help people by dealing with the problems that keep them up at night while receiving everything you need to start a steady new career. Begin a career in an engaging industry with opportunities for growth and get the tools necessary to succeed.

If you think you might be a good fit for our team, check our careers page for positions.

Jared L.


‟We have a quarterly service plan with Arrow. They are not only focused on addressing issues they put preventative measures in place to prevent issues from happening, like looking for and sealing the places where bugs can get into the home. The team are professional, friendly, thorough and provide details about every step of their process. We have had several different technicians over the last 2 years and each follows the same process and guidelines. Definitely recommend for treatment and prevention.”
Jared L.
Manalapan, NJ
Arrow Pest Control received an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars from 1380 reviews. 5.0 Read Google Reviews

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