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Why Do I Have A Spider Problem In My House?

August 24, 2020

spider searching for food around clarksburg homes foundation

Top 3 reasons why spiders are attracted to New Jersey homes

According to an article on The New Yorker website, lists are perfectly designed for our brains.  We process lists more efficiently and retain the information easier. It’s like bite-sized morsels in an age where information is flying at us rapidly and from every angle.  So, in the interest of cutting through the chaff, or being more concise, we’ve put together a list of the top three reasons why spiders might be attracted to your home in New Jersey, which will then answer the question, “why do I have a spider problem in my home?”

  1. They found a way inside.

  2. There’s an abundant supply of food.

  3. The environment welcomes arachnids.

#1 They found a way inside.

Wiring, cable, pipes, and other utilities enter homes through holes cut in the walls.  Sometimes those openings act as super highways for spiders and other pests.  Other potential entry points for industrious spiders include gaps under doors, open windows, rips in screens, weep holes, and vents as well as other small openings on the exterior of the house.  Spiders may also be introduced on house plants, in boxes, with firewood – there’s hundreds of possibilities with this line of thinking.

To keep spiders out, the New Jersey pest control pros suggest and strongly recommend sealing any potential entry point.  That means caulking gaps and holes, installing wire mesh over vents and weep holes and around utility entrances.  We also suggest inspecting items that you’re bringing inside very carefully.

#2 There’s an abundant supply of food.

Whether it’s keto, paleo, vegan, or another style of eating, we all enjoy food.  Not only do we like it, it’s absolutely essential for our survival.  Arachnids are no exception.  House spiders in New Jersey bypass cheeseburgers and salads and opt for bugs.  Which leads us to #2 on our list – if you have insects in or around your home, you are likely to have a spider problem.  Spiders enjoy a steady diet of mosquitoes, flies, roaches, earwigs, ants – whatever happens to get caught in the unsightly webs they build.  Find out how a home pest control program from Arrow eliminates the bugs that attracts spiders to your home.

#3 The environment welcomes arachnids

The welcome mat at the front door is a great way to show your guests that your home is an inviting environment.  Number three on this list is not that. We’re talking about conditions that appeal to spiders.  An abundant food supply is certainly one way to make your home more spider friendly but it’s not the only environmental factor to consider.  Spiders in New Jersey prefer different conditions.  Some like dark, damp spaces while others make their way inside to avoid rain or cold.  Learn more about the types of spiders in New Jersey and where you’re likely to find them.

Do you have a spider problem in your home?

To recap– you may have a spider problem in your New Jersey home if there are holes or cracks on the outside of your home that they can crawl through, if your home is already infesting with household pests, and if you have a dark, damp basement or dry, undisturbed attic, or something in between.  Of course, there’s also the matter of when spider infestations occur and unfortunately, spiders are a year-round pest problem in Essex County and in the counties of Hudson, Monmouth and Morris as well as in communities and neighborhoods throughout New Jersey.

But why are there so many spiders in my house all of a sudden?

There are several reasons why you may be noticing an increase in spider activity.  Summer and fall sees an influx of spiders and that’s partly because the food supply is abundant (see #2), they’re mating, or an egg sac has hatched introducing hundreds of new spiders to the world and specifically your home. For further reading on this topic, check out this article: Reasons You May Be Seeing More Spiders Than Usual In Your New Jersey Home.

Arrow’s home pest control services get rid of spiders and the bugs they eat

For best results and a home free of spiders and the bugs they dine on, consider a home pest control plan from Arrow Pest Control.  We are a locally owned and family operated pest control company that has been in business for over four decades.  We have the tools, knowledge and industry experience to evaluate your spider problem and make recommendations on which residential pest control program is right for your situation.  If you’re looking for pest control in Parsippany-Troy Hills, Basking Ridge, or anywhere else in Arrow’s service area that combats these eight-legged pests and other house-infesting insects, reach out today!

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