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Why You Need to Remain Vigilant About Pests During the Fall In New Jersey

October 8, 2019

a house mouse has been spotted by a new jersey resident in a warm home where the mouse is nesting and scurrying around the kitchen for food to store for winter

Many people think that fall is a time when you can relax about pest control. Unfortunately, quite the opposite is true. Many pests begin to prepare for the winter months as fall approaches. This means that they are likely to try to make their way inside your New Jersey home. Having pests like rodents living in your attic and walls through the winter can be dangerous. You need to remain vigilant about pests during the fall in New Jersey and Arrow Pest Control can help.


Why Pests Come Inside in Fall   

As temperatures drop in the fall in New Jersey, may pests look for shelter for the winter. For some pests, your home is the perfect place. It’s warm, it has cozy dark hiding places, and there are probably some good food sources. While there are many pests that could survive outdoors in the winter, the pests that they feed on cannot. So when their dinner moves inside, they move inside after it. For other pests, their shelter disappears in the winter months as leaves fall and brush dies. This makes your home look like a great place to wait out the winter.


Which Pests Are Likely to Come Indoors?

Some of the most common pests to come indoors in the fall and winter are rodents such as mice and rats. You may also get other forms of nuisance wildlife like raccoons, squirrels, and bats. Additionally, spiders, ladybugs, stink bugs, cockroaches, and bed bugs can appear in your home in the winter. You might think of some of these pests as summer pests only but this is not true. Don't let your guard down!


Dangers of Pests in your Home

You might think that as long as these pests aren’t bothering you, they are no harm to you, your possessions or to New Jersey home. After all, how bad can it be to have ladybugs crawling around your windows? The sign of any pest inside your home indicates that you could have other serious pest problems. As one pest feeds on another, the likelihood of more dangerous pests appearing increases. 

Pests like ladybugs may only be a nuisance, but rodents, wildlife, and other insects can spread bacteria and viruses that carry disease. Some pests can also do extensive damage to your home and belongings. 


Keeping Pests Out this Fall

Examining the exterior of your New Jersey home for signs of damage, holes, and cracks and repairing those can help keep pests out this winter. Taking other precautionary measures such as dusting and vacuuming frequently, removing trash on a regular basis, storing food in airtight containers, and reducing clutter can reduce the risk of pests getting in this fall. 

If you discover that even with taking precautions, you have a pest problem this fall, or if you just want advice for keeping pests out, contact the professionals at Arrow Pest Control. We have answers and we have service plans that can help you keep your New Jersey home protected year-round.

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