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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs This Thanksgiving

November 20, 2017

bed bug found on new jersey resident

So, you have decided to travel over the Thanksgiving holiday. What fun it will be to spend time with family and friends, eating lots of turkey with all the dressings, and making new memories. At least you won’t have to plan the Thanksgiving feast! But wait, you do have to make travel plans, like where you will stay, and other activities while you are there. You probably haven’t given bed bugs much thought unless you see an old run ... Read More

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The Negative Impact American Cockroaches Can Have on Restaurants

November 15, 2017

cockroach found in restaurant

Owning a restaurant is challenging. There are many circumstances which could cause your restaurant to fail – from setting up in the wrong location, to having a bad menu, to having staff that isn't as friendly as they should be, to general dirtiness. But the fastest cause of a restaurant going out of business is probably the result of a customer spotting a cockroach. If a customer sees a cockroach in your restaurant, you can bet they will... Read More

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Fall Pest Prevention Tips

October 31, 2017

mouse in living room

As the weather changes from summer to fall, the number of pests trying to get into our homes will increase. They can feel the temperatures dropping, and they're looking for a warm place to spend the winter months where they will have access to food and water and what better place than your home?! Homeowners typically report an increase in the most common fall invaders, which include mice, spiders, stink bugs, earwigs, and lady bugs.... Read More

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