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Why Do I Have Mice In My Home This Summer?

July 21, 2020

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Just last week we discussed how the coronavirus is affecting the rat population in New Jersey and since then we’ve continued to see an increase in rodent activity throughout the counties we serve.  In fact, many homeowners have discovered mice in the attic, mice in their A/C units and elsewhere in and around their homes this summer. And if they haven’t found actual rodents, they’ve found signs of an infestation including... Read More

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What COVID-19 Closures Mean For The Rat Population In New Jersey

July 13, 2020

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While closing or limiting service at restaurants and other establishments has helped limit the spread of the coronavirus, it has caused another issue to arise in New Jersey. Rat activity is up in Essex County, Union County, and in counties across New Jersey and its not just affecting businesses.  New Jersey homeowners are dealing with rat infestations in record numbers and in areas where rodent problems are not typically an issue.  ... Read More

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Are Cicada Killer Wasps Dangerous?

July 7, 2020

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You’re probably thinking giant wasps whose name includes the word “killer” are probably anything but harmless and you’d be right… Sort of.  While these killer wasps are lethal to cicadas in New Jersey, they are solitary wasps that are not considered dangerous to human health. Even so it’s getting hotter here in New Jersey and that means we’re going to start hearing cicadas more and more. And once... Read More

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