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Things Every Homeowner Can Do To Discourage Cockroaches

February 8, 2018

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If you have ever had the pleasure of discovering that your home has been invaded by cockroaches, then we don't have to tell you just how horrifying an experience this can be. While there are numerous types of cockroaches here in New Jersey, among the most common are German, Oriental, American, brown banded and Pennsylvania wood cockroaches. But we will just give a little information about the first three.... Read More

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Why Am I Seeing Ants In My Home During The Winter?

January 29, 2018

odorous house ant

Ants forage for food during the warm months, and slow down, or disappear entirely, during the cold months. This is because ants are cold-blooded creatures. The body temperature of an ant is the same as the air, soil, or liquid around it. When it gets too cold, it dies. So, in the winter, most ants seal themselves inside their nests and wait for it to warm up. If you're seeing ants in your home, the most likely reason is that you have a nest so... Read More

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