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Do I Really Need To Continue My Pest Control Services This Winter?

December 8, 2020

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December 21st marks the shortest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere, that is) but for those of us living and working in Plainfield, Chatham, and Neptune as well as in communities throughout New Jersey, we’ve already noticed the days are getting shorter and colder. It won’t be long before we say goodbye to fall and ... Read More

What Happens To Carpenter Ants In The Winter

December 2, 2020

carpenter ant looking for food as winter approaches

Cold weather and a noticeable decline in ant activity around your New Jersey home may lead you to the conclusion that carpenter ants have hit the pause button and won’t bother you, or more specifically your home, again until the spring. While it’s true that carpenter ant behavior does change with the winter season, will the threat of these destructive pests go away completely? Let’s find out.... Read More

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