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Are Carpenter Ants Still Active Around New Jersey in Late Summer?

August 6, 2019

an adult carpenter ant crawling along the wooden structure of a new jersey residential property

If you step outside your house at some point today and look down at the ground, you’re likely to see ants scurrying around. Most will be small and if you’re lucky you won’t see any of the large ones. That's because the big ones are carpenter ants and they can be very destructive if they get into your house. Are carpenter ants still active around New Jersey in late summer? They are, but it's not too late to do something about ... Read More

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5 Tips to Keep Cockroaches from Ruining Your 4th of July

July 25, 2019

american cockroach crawlong along a tiled kitchen counter top in morganville new jersy

What is it that makes cockroaches so repulsive and creepy? Maybe it's their flat sleek-looking bodies and tiny heads. Perhaps it is the way they shoot across floors at lighting speeds. It could even be the bone-chilling noise they make in large groups. Whatever it is that makes cockroaches creepy, one thing is certain: they are unwelcome in your home. Today we will be providing some ways to keep these tiny horrors at bay. We hope it helps.... Read More

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