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How Are Flies Getting Into My New Jersey Home?

July 18, 2019

a new jersey ouse fly resting on a wooden table top in the middle of summer

Is there anything more annoying than flies buzzing around your head while you are trying to relax at home? The way these tiny bugs fly around rooms land on TV screens, walk on food, and fly past ears is enough to make a grown man want to scream. In fact, flies are such a huge nuisance, there was an invention made specifically to kill them--and named after them. Of course, we are referring to fly swatters. ... Read More

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Keeping Yellow Jackets Out Of Your Yard This Summer

July 16, 2019

a yellow jacket peaking throw a burrowed whole in a wooden structure on a new jersey property

Unfortunately, avoiding being stung by yellow jackets is harder than avoiding almost all other stinging insects. They are more aggressive and are known for being extremely protective of their nests; perhaps they could be compared to someone who is not a morning person who has not yet had their first cup of coffee. You know the type: perpetually grumpy and quick to get mad at the slightest problem.... Read More

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