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Are the Little Red Bugs in Your New Jersey Home Worth Worrying About?  

December 24, 2019

a clovermite crawling throughout a new jersey property

It’s an ant! It’s a spider! It’s a…. clover mite? You might never have heard of a clover mite, but you’ve probably seen them. These tiny red bugs look a bit like spiders, and they can be found crawling over a variety of surfaces both outside and indoors. What are these little red insects, and how worried should you be when you first see them appear in your home?... Read More

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Public Warning: Termites Remain Active During New Jersey Winters

December 19, 2019

a termites infesting a wooden structure inside of a new jersey home

If your home was in danger, you’d want to know it, right? If you found out a hurricane was headed your way, or a lightning bolt might hit your house, you would do everything you could to protect it. What if we told you there is a constant threat to your home? Termites can cause just as much damage to a home as the weather can, and they aren’t constrained to a single season.... Read More

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Do the Carpet Beetles In New Jersey Eat More Than Just the Carpet?

December 17, 2019

an adult carpet beetle crawling along a new jersey livingroom

Knowing what carpet beetles look like is a great way to prevent them from infesting and reproducing. Despite their name, carpet beetles in New Jersey eat more than just carpets, so don’t think you’re safe if you don’t own a carpet. Infestations can be a big cause of property damage and, in rare cases, can cause allergic reactions, so knowing how to get rid of them is important.... Read More

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