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How To Keep Bugs Away From Fourth of July Celebrations

July 2, 2020

tips for a pest free bbq in new jersey this 4th of july

Many of the fireworks, parades and Fourth of July celebrations in Essex County and New Jersey that would normally be happening this weekend have been cancelled or postponed because of the coronavirus. Unfortunate news to be sure, it’s not surprising and it certainly doesn’t have to stop families from spending quality time together.  To keep mosquitoes, ants, wasps, and other pests away from your 4th of July festivit... Read More

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Off Structure Termite Swarms Over Father’s Day, Carpenter Ant Activity Blowing Up

June 24, 2020

tree infested with swarming termites on new jersey property

It seems to happen every year around Father’s Day, off structure termite swarming that is.  These wood-destroying insects spread their wings and set out on a course to find a mate and establish a new termite colony. What makes this particular swarming different from the other termite swarms we typically talk about is that they are off structure, meaning the swarm did not originate from a home or other structure.  Let’s ta... Read More

Clover Mites Crawling All Over Pool & Other Occasional Invaders In NJ

June 15, 2020

clover mites on flower in new jersey

Dealing with bugs can be irritating. Finding tiny red bugs in and around the pool or tiny jumping insects that look like fleas inside your home is disconcerting and yet it happens every spring in New Jersey. Clover mites, springtails, silverfish and centipedes are just a few of the occasional invaders that show up in Essex and Union counties once the warm weather arrives and while they’re relatively harmless and are around only for a lit... Read More

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