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A New Threat in New Jersey

July 31, 2018

kissing bug up close

As if there weren’t enough unwanted pests in New Jersey, there is a now a new pest threat in town! Kissing bugs, which can be found in about thirty southern states, are potentially making their way north! While they haven’t been identified in New Jersey yet, there is a very real threat as neighboring states such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia have all had confirmed sightings of these kissing bugs. While these bugs may have... Read More

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Summer Time Means Flea Population Growth

June 28, 2018

flea on skin

So you thought you had conquered your flea problem. As the weather cooled down, and you used some over-the-counter flea products, it seemed everything was fine. You stopped finding itchy red bites on your ankles. Fluffy stopped scratching her ears. And Fido ceased that back-leg thumping he does when digging at his side. For a time, everything was calm.... Read More

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