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How To Stop Ants From Colonizing Your Lawn This Spring

May 16, 2019

a large colony of red ants on a vibrant green leaf in a new jersey back yard

Have you been noticing tiny ants crawling around on your interior window sills? Your home has lots of tiny holes you don't know about. And ants have no trouble exploiting those holes to gain entry into your home. That is why the prevention of interior ant infestations begins with exterior ant management. ... Read More

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When Is Flea Season In Morganville, NJ?

May 9, 2019

a family of fleas infesting a curly long haired pet dog in morganville new jersey

In the Morganville, New Jersey area, flea season is primarily in the summer. It’s important to take flea prevention steps as summer approaches. Keeping your family and pets flea free will make you all enjoy the summer without the nagging bites and itchy problems that fleas can cause. If fleas do become a problem or you want to prevent them, it’s a good idea to consider professional treatment.  ... Read More

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