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Blog Posts with the Tag of "bed bugs"

Be On The Lookout For Bed Bugs As Summer Arrives

June 5, 2019

a red and broown-tinted biting bed bug crawling along the hairy skin of a new jersey resident

With the arrival of pleasant, warm weather in spring, and now warmer weather as we reach summer, people in New Jersey are starting to take out their calendars to mark a week or two for vacation. When people travel this summer, they could be helping bed bugs get into new locations without being aware of it. Understanding when, why, and how bed bugs start becoming a problem can help you keep your... Read More

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Are Bed Bugs An Issue For New Jersey Residents In Winter?

February 14, 2019

bed bug in new jersey home

Wouldn’t it be great if every type of bug completely disappeared each winter? After having them irritate us through the spring, summer, and fall, we deserve a break. Unfortunately, instead of dying off, some bugs simply move indoors during the winter months. Others live inside throughout the year. Bed bugs fall into the latter category.... Read More

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