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Blog Posts with the Tag of "coronavirus"

What COVID-19 Closures Mean For The Rat Population In New Jersey

July 13, 2020

rat underneath new jersey granite steps

While closing or limiting service at restaurants and other establishments has helped limit the spread of the coronavirus, it has caused another issue to arise in New Jersey. Rat activity is up in Essex County, Union County, and in counties across New Jersey and its not just affecting businesses.  New Jersey homeowners are dealing with rat infestations in record numbers and in areas where r... Read More

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COVID-19 Update & Pest Control

March 23, 2020

arrow pest control updates COVID-19

I hope that this finds all of us healthy currently! As you all have seen from me previously, I am ahead of the curve when it comes to the public safety of both you and my fellow employees. Prior to Governor Murphy’s State Order, I initiated a work from home policy for all office personnel of Arrow. We are a fully functioning business as our phones and computer systems are all web-b... Read More

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